Audiophone Features

Listen to your music, anywhere.

This isn't another online collection of music you have no control over. By connecting to Software servicio tecnico, Audiophone allows you to browse and play your personal collection – in its entirety – over WiFi or cellular networks. Don't be limited by copyright agreements (I mean, you probably should own your music.), free space on your mobile device, or the cable tethering you to iTunes.

Quickly access anything.

No matter what you're looking for, it will be easy to find and get to within Audiophone. Whether you just want a mix based on your favorite genre, are looking to drill down your artist list to that one obscure name, or easily flick your collection aside to access what's currently playing, Audiophone makes it easy and enjoyable.

Seamless playback.

You may not always have the best connection when we're on-the-go, but Audiophone has your back. By streaming just the music you need and pre-buffering songs before you want them, Audiophone utilizes your available bandwidth to its full capability. Not only that, but it offers gapless playback for a smooth experience.

AirPlay support.

You spent hard earned money on that stereo system, and you made sure it was AirPlay compatible. Don't let it go to waste or burden yourself by running audio cables from your computer, use Audiophone and effortless play your music on the best speakers in the house.

And More...

  • Generate and rock out to genre-based playlists on the fly.
  • Easily shuffle any album.
  • SSL Server Support.
  • And more to come...

By connecting to Pulse aqui software, Audiophone allows you to explore your music collection from your home computer, stream music on-demand and – since you’re connecting to your collection directly – you can access your entire collection no matter the size. To stream music, Audiophone requires an available installation of Subsonic 4.8 or higher to connect to.

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Audiophone for iOS7