8 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

audio boost app for phone

You can pause, play and skip the songs, see the song info, etc in this app. In addition, Speaker Boost also work well with your headphones and speakers, which will make sure that you can enable high-quality sound outputs on any of these devices. Feel free to connect them to your devices and enable interesting audio experiences whenever you need.

audio boost app for phone

Custom Equalizer with 8 or 16 bands creates your Equalizer to enjoy your music in the way you want without any fee. The bulk of smartphones these days have poor speakers and poor sound quality via the headphone jack. That’s when the sound booster for both Android and iPhone does wonder. Most times, all you need is just to raise the volume a bit or turn on a specific feature on your device settings. And sometimes, your phone speaker can’t produce more than what you’re currently hearing. So, you need to find another means on how to increase volume on Android. It increases the sound output from the speaker and from the headphone jack when the user connects the headphone.

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You can customize your sounds with its powerful built-in bass booster and volume amplifier. You can organize your audio files into personal playlists and download music from Apple Music or Spotify. Volume-booster FREE also works for your headphone and external speaker. Precise Volume is one of the most popular volumes booster apps. It is not only the volume booster it is also an equalizer app. Precise volume app also improves the quality of the sound output from your phone speaker. It provides more control over the sound output from the phone speaker.

audio boost app for phone

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#3 KaiserTone Audio Player

Feel free to let it work on improving your audio experiences whenever you are using your devices. Have fun working with awesome in-app features and enable interesting audio experiences for your mobile devices. A wide range of sound effects is available for a variety of musical genres.

audio boost app for phone

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  • You can even use this as a music visualizer and add a graphic set to play while listening to music.
  • To enable Developer Options, go to Software information, then tap Build number seven times.

Similarly, the type of music player apps you use can affect your sound output. If your music volume drops while using a particular music player app, then it’s time to consider another one. You must be using your phone as your primary device for listening to music or songs. But the speaker of the current phone output low volume and poor music sound. Not only the current, phone speaker sound output is low and poor but also the sound output from the headphone jack is too.

It can boost volume for functions such as alarm, music, voice, and system. It means you’ll have to put in your speaker or headphones before you can enjoy your device’s superb sound. You can use this app if you’re using headphones and want the audio to be louder. It includes three separate buttons for increasing the volume of media playing, phone calls, and alarms. The application’s size will not annoy you because it is only 3 MB on your smartphone. The application includes three buttons for setting the volume to Maximum, Normal, or Silent. Volume Booster GOODEV, on the other hand, does not operate on Android handsets running Android 4.2.

audio boost app for phone

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Some of our recommended choices include jetAudio HDand MediaMonkey. The primary features of Sound Amplifier include boosting quiet and reducing loud sounds, personalizing the listening experience, reducing unwanted or distracting noises. It’s no doubt that everyone loves to watch movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos on their Android smartphone. Not just movies, but Android smartphones are also pretty well made for listening to music.

audio boost app for phone