Extra Volume Booster Equalizer APK 4 8.1 for Android

audio boost app for phone

Purchasing high-quality in-ear or over-ear headphones can be a pricey move, but it may be worth it if you get the right product. Many of them are designed specifically to cancel out noise coming from outside the headphones, so you can be assured of the best audio experience. As we said, there are many volume booster apps in the Google Play Store, and you can browse through them right now to see if you can find one that will work on your phone. The app doesn’t offer users an equalizer that can improve the audio tones.

How can I boost the sound on my phone?

  1. Open your device's Settings app .
  2. Tap Accessibility Sound Amplifier.
  3. Connect wired or wireless headphones to your device.

Thus, you must be extremely willing to take the risk if you decide to try this app. Note that if you feel distortion while playing music loudly then turn the volume down or it will harm the iPhone speaker. Also, we can’t guarantee you that after playing songs with high bass and high volume speakers will be safe, it may ruin. So Download and install these iPhone Volume Booster Application program carefully from Apple App Store and with precautions. SuperLoud Standard-Amazing Quality Equalizer may be tough to say, but it’s heavy on features. It focuses on a full sound engine to increase music volume to produce a uniform loud sound experience. The Speaker Booster is an volume increasing app for Android that allows an enhancement of volume for your speakers and/or headphones of 15-30%.

Love to watch online video, but at times it’s barely audible?

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All it has is a sound bar that you can adjust however you want. This handy app makes it possible to turn up the volume for your music, games, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, or anything else you want to listen to. The great thing about Speaker Boost is that you can hear the difference with or without headphones, with obvious improvement.

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It doesn’t fracture the speakers or headphones, which is a significant accomplishment. VLC for Android is a simple solution to your volume issues, particularly when it comes to music and movies, and the Audio Amplify option may amplify sound by up to 200 percent. When you want to enhance volume beyond what your Android smartphone gives, you may use this software, which is small and simple but highly strong and adaptable. If you are seeking a full-featured volume control system for your Android smartphone, then Precise Volume may have been the ideal solution for you. VLC, the popular desktop media player programme, is also available for Android. The VLC for Android has the advantage of supporting practically all media formats. Our sister site, Sound Guys, is the place to go to learn about, and ultimately choose, the best headphones currently on the market.

audio boost app for phone

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For other offline audio or video you have stored locally, you can use the Night Video Player. It has a ‘speech loudness enhancing’ feature that will optimize your listening experience – especially if you’re watching content with a lot of vocals or dialogues.

Kaiser Tone-Audio Player is known as the best of all volume boosters for iOS in recent years. The app is very fast to operate with a high quality sound output. Sound quality is over 4000 db with additional support of higher resolution sound. With today’s very high entertainment needs, audio applications will need to own the most modern features. Especially with today’s digital music and audio entertainment fields, users have even higher requirements for themselves from the supplier.

audio boost app for phone

Hence, it’s important to not always use the app at full volume to protect your hearing and make sure to turn it off if you hear any distinctive distortions. Also, make sure to provide Speaker Boost with certain access permissions, which are needed for you to have fun with its features. Hence, you’ll need to accept its requests upon opening the app for the first time. Sound Booster is a great volume increasing app for noisy atmospheres. It amplifies all volumes greatly so you can hear your videos, music, and ringtone in a crowded party.

audio boost app for phone

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audio boost app for phone