13 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

audio boost app for phone

Edit equalizations, visualizations, bass level, play songs in the background, and so on. This speaker and headphone volume booster is efficient, highly functional, and, all the while, easy to use. Volume Booster Pro is another volume booster app for Android devices that boosts the overall audio output of your device. It has a clean and clear user interface containing numerous of volume knob in the center, which controls the main volume. The app offers a toggle button to enable boost sound amplifies. It also included there dedicated buttons, which allows increasing the volume of calls, alarms, and media playback.

audio boost app for phone

Here in Speaker Boost, Android users will have access to many interesting features, which will allow them to comfortably work on their devices’ audio. Have fun playing with many in-app features and make the most of your audio playback devices. Yes, but different volume booster apps work in different ways, and you need to find one that’s just right for you. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 apps to increase volume for Android and iOS devices. At the end of each list, look for a comparison chart with pricing, app size, pros, and cons to select the app which suits your needs best.

Best Audio Manager and Booster Apps for Windows 11

You should always check your audio settings first on your phone to see if you can get a better experience. Other options include downloading a headphone volume booster app, getting extra hardware, or cleaning out your speakers. With interesting functions and features, Speaker Boost can surely improve your audio experiences on any Android devices. Increase the volume and enjoy better phone calls, unlock better sound outputs for your music, and even work on improving your premium headphones. Not to mention that the accessible features will make sure that you can easily enjoy the app. Most smartphones come with a mono or stereo speaker setup, which is enough to deliver standard sounding experiences for their users.

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As long as you don’t mind adjusting the equalizer yourself, you can use this app for free. Playing audio at high volume may damage your hearing or broke your speakers.

audio boost app for phone

audio boost app for phone

The graphical equalizer option lets you select a 15-band and 31-band equalizer that you can customize by moving the frequencies up or down. You can even create custom equalizers where you add bands on the graph on command and adjust as needed.

There are a bunch of presets too, which can be further customized by changing different frequencies depending on the preset you selected, like slope or amplitude, etc. It also comes with many sound effects like chorus, bass boost, reverb, echo, compressor, and more. The enhancing volume percentage is a whopping 1000%, meaning you can make it as loud as possible and still enjoy the show. This app is made solely for song bass boosting, so you won’t get any additional features but the basic one.

Is there an app to increase phone volume?

Volume Booster GOODEV(Android)

Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the top-class apps on our list, is a full-featured volume booster.

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audio boost app for phone

In addition, a few users have reported damaged speakers and earphones. Take a dry Q-tip, put it in the jack very gently, and then remove it to clean it out. Several apps are available in the Google Play Store that claim to boost the native volume of your smartphone. Our favorite is called Super Volume Booster from developer SoulApps Studio.

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audio boost app for phone