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It helps you to create a list of people you always want to record. MSpy is a phone tracker app that enables you to monitor your child activity remotely with no hassle. It enables you to view all the messages without any hassle. This tool allows you to check the GPS location of the device.

audio call apps

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The best WiFi calling app: OpenPhone

You can use Viber to make calls over the internet to your friends with the plan starting at 2 cents per minute, besides it depends on which country you call. Viber is also a cross-platform application ranging from Android to Windows. Tango is a third-party messaging application that has been around for quite some time.

Blizzard has attenuated the feature of unlimited users across a channel and has provided the ability to add different effects in the chat. You can consider using this free application across your PC or Mac for communicating and streaming through games. If you are in search of a free voice chat application in the market, Steam offers its own chatting feature that can be used as both a text and voice chatting platform for gamers. SteamChat has a global coverage of its servers, making it quite an efficient source of communication with good proximity and clarity in voice chat. Ultimately, you’ll probably end up on whatever video chat app your friends and family already prefer using — that’s the way these things tend to go.

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  • Yes, we all want to save money on the phone bill and use a VOIP app instead.
  • Video Call, as the name suggests, is for talking in the video mode.

audio call apps

You could even use the second number to pull pranks on your mates. Snapchat is an app that allows you to give and take brief flashes of daily updates in life. Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has been one of the most…

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  1. Find a Facebook group for people who share a common interest.
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You can get connected however you want; send a text message, or start a video chat, the choice is all yours. Viber is another popular Android video call app in 2021 that has been on the Play Store for a long time. The app has since been improved and bundled with a lot of features. It is cross-platform and available for free for almost all operating systems, and also mobile devices like Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, and Apple devices. Skype is a free Android video chat app that has over 1 billion downloads on the Play Store. In fact, Skype is the one that introduced us to free video chat over the internet.

You can also buy credits to call other real numbers across the world, although if you already have somebody added to Viber you can do that for free. You can also purchase credits, and there’s an option to remove ads for 1 month, which costs just $0.99, far cheaper than other alternatives in this list. The UI is clean, you can record your calls, and backup any important messages or calls.

audio call apps

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audio call apps

One can call as much as they want to and prank people around them. Each program we describe in this article is worth trying, but how does one choose the perfect video calling app for PC? We hope the criteria below will help you make the right choice. You can only call or text other Snapchat users; you can’t use the app to call real phone numbers like landlines.

audio call apps