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It modifies the voice quickly, records it, applies effect, and you are done. Either share it with your friends or use it when making a call to your friends. One can choose from several sounds such as robot, helium, squirrel, alien, zombie, and monster. Enjoy the voice changer Allogag and make free prank calls with your family and friends.

  • You can set up free backups so that all of your messages are always saved.
  • The major advantage of this video calling app for PC is that it allows users to share images, videos, documents, and much more.

FreeConferenceCall is one of the most professional video calling tools you’ll find for free. Features often reserved for paid users, like annotation, switching the presenter mid-call, screen recording, and even radio streaming, all come at no charge.

Call Voice Changer Allogag

In today’s world of modern gaming, voice chat has become a standard tool. Only a gamer can understand the importance of communicating with the team members to be ahead of the game. With technological advancements, some of the new games have inbuilt voice-communication, but their quality and services are not that good. There are also free calling apps that let you make free calls and texts, but only to other users. So for example, you can make free calls on WhatsApp or Viber, but only when calling other WhatsApp or Viber users via WiFi or mobile data.

If you’re not calling a landline or mobile number, chances are you already have Facebook’s Messenger app. WhatsApp is a secure alternative, as you don’t need a Facebook or Google account to use it. Google Duo is a good FaceTime alternative for video calling between Android and iPhone owners. Skype also includes instant messaging, video calling, screen sharing, and more. It’s a native pre-installed app on Windows 10 PCs, but you can download the desktop client that feels less integrated into the operating system. The desktop client is also available for macOS and in three flavors for Linux.

Google Hangouts

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audio call apps

If you’re calling a landline or a mobile number, your VoIP data includes your public IP address that is translated into a phone number when it reaches the service’s server. Your data is converted into an analog signal and sent along the traditional telephone networks. Calling rates apply because your call passes through circuits that must be kept open during the connection. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is enabled by default, meaning all calls and messages are protected from hacker eavesdropping while they are in transit. Finally, Google Duo provides end-to-end encryption for all voice and video calls.

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audio call apps

There are celebrity voices in the application for you to give an impression in any ambiance and place. Other than this, there are RaceCar, Cartoon voice, Traffic, Happy Birthday, Kids, Rain, and Concert sounds. GoToMeeting GoToMeeting is a web conferencing service offering a range of services which are available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Focus on your work by collaborating live and asynchronously via screen, voice and text. Remotion Remotion is a virtual office that puts your hybrid team right on your desktop.

audio call apps

Agora’s web voice chat lets you facilitate remote work collaboration and support, all while keeping the in-real-life creative dialogue intact while maintaining privacy too. Live voice chat is also a great option for water-cooler channels, where team members can join in social conversations. Gaming has always had a social element to it, with friends talking and laughing while they play. With Agora’s voice chat API, you can keep the conversation going even when the game goes online. It’s important to distinguish the difference between apps that can make free external SMS texts and calls, and those that let you send messages to other users on their app. Discord does not allow free use of creating your own rooms without admin approval..

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  2. Take a class. This is another good way to meet new people.
  3. Meet people at work.
  4. Join a social media group.
  5. Get out more.

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audio call apps