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audio calling apps

If you want to make fun of your friends and enjoy yourself together, you can start with the Funcalls voice changer application. It can convert the voice from funny to scary, deep to high within a few seconds. The users can also record the real-time conversation and listen to or share it with others. It also offers international phone calls to cell phones and landlines.

audio calling apps

Select this option if you plan to use your application for establishing WebRTC calls. End users will be connected via the Internet within your app. End users can seamlessly switch between using audio and video calls. For example, at any point turn off the video and use just audio. However, if a phone network service is needed, end users can still be connected thanks to the interoperability of the Infobip Voice platform.

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Get usage data and call quality metrics for every user and every session, to gain product and support insight. We never store call data other than through our documented recording APIs. Offers options for direct calling through its built-in local access numbers. It’s available on almost all the popular smartphone platforms, and it is free to download from PlayStore.

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The caveat is, you need an existing phone number to use WhatsApp, so you can’t create a separate phone number for all your business calls and texts. You can use these VoIP services to call landlines and mobile numbers from the internet. They start out free, but some features may require credits to pay for calls or use a monthly subscription plan.

audio calling apps

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  • Offers free messaging and calling for Tikki users and very low rates on phone calls for both the international and local spheres.
  • You can start the call as video or audio and then switch video on and off as needed during your call.

The next addiction is google voice, which is a paid service that is similar to Viber’s out service. You can use this service through Google’s Hangout, that let’s you make calls from PC and Android. For convenience, there is a Hangout Dialer app for Android, which seamlessly can replace your default dialer. Calling from U.S. is totally free, and other countries call rate are cheap. If you’re not looking for something to use on a desktop, there are a number of more mobile-centric services to facilitate keeping in touch with people. Most of these aren’t terribly useful for those working from home, but if you’re looking for something more social, they’re great options. Zoom lets multiple users call in, and it supports video calls.

audio calling apps

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Even if you had a Facebook account at one time and have since deactivated it, you can still use Messenger. Live Voice Changer – Prankcall is a powerful application that can make users make prank calls and audio record them.

With one of the best video chat apps at your disposal, face-to-face interaction can easily become a thing of the past. COVID isn’t fully gone, and there are plenty of other concerns to make a case for not being in the same room as friends, colleagues or whoever else you need to speak to. WhatsApp works as a texting app and you can also make audio and video calls to your contacts.

audio calling apps