The 10 Best Apps for Video Calls

audio calling apps

Today, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short allows us to use our modern broadband connections to make phone calls instead of antiquated copper telephone lines. As you can imagine, VoIP service is generally much cheaper than traditional phone service and in some cases, calls are absolutely free. But of the many apps available on the market for making free phone calls for Windows Phones, 10 apps in particular stand out. These are backed by some of the biggest companies in telecommunication. The best WiFi calling apps also offer features that traditional phones can’t. Tango allows you to make voice and video calls for free on your Android phone. You can also use the app to send instant messages, share photos, play games…

audio calling apps

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A guide to video chat apps

It’s also cross-platform, and calls are easy enough to make. They may be a bit fuzzy if you’re talking to people on the other side of the world, though. Using Facebook Messenger for calls is a quick, convenient way to stay in touch for free. Facebook Messenger also supports video chats, making for an engaging experience. Considering how many people are active on Facebook, it’s almost guaranteed that any user will be able to contact whomever they need. App users who value their privacy more than anything else will be pleased with Signal Private Messenger. This full end-to-end encrypted app allows those who download it to voice call, video chat, or text each other for free with total security.

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Supports calling over all kinds of network services, such as 3G, 4G, and WiFi. Free to download and use, you can make international calls for free too. An easy and faster way to share photos and videos with friends.

audio calling apps

While it’s native on Windows-based devices, you can also use it in a web browser, on a Mac, Linux—even the Xbox One gaming consoles and newer. If, for some reason, you stop using Google Voice for a spell , Google removes the free phone number from your account. If you miss the deadline, Google assigns the number to a different account. You must then go into the Google Voice settings and select Get a Number. For simple internet calling to phone numbers, you can’t beat Google Voice.

audio calling apps

It helps you to create a list of people you always want to record. Not gives you any limit on how long you can record a call for or how many recordings you can make. In the meeting, the host can have audio control over all the people in the meeting; you can put the video on top. Google Voice for Google Workspace users is available in select countries. After adding a contact to Telegram, you can call them through their app by opening the contact’sInfopage and then choosing the phone icon. Lets you call other users only, not just any phone number.

It runs on both computers and mobile devices for added convenience. LINE voice and video calls are made over an internet connection, so make sure the connection you’re using is stable. Blackbox features include the ability to lock down the app with a pin to prevent unauthorized access. The app also allows you to set up your own file director for organizing files and sorting recordings by time, date, or length. The app is user friendly with a straightforward setup process and it allows you to back up recordings to GoogleDrive. Available for Android, Blackbox advertises its app as a professional call recorder and reliable tool for automatically recording calls.

  • You can also filter calls by importance and exclude contacts you don’t want to record.
  • To trigger a call, simply tap either icon and wait for the other user to accept and enter the call.
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Once you answer the call from NoNotes, it calls the number of the contact you want to record. If you don’t want to record all of your phone calls, you can select contacts you don’t want the app to record. The app also allows you to save conversations to your SD card. Available for Android and iPhone, feature-packed TapeACall Pro is the go-to app for journalists. If you’re familiar with three-way calling, you know everything you need to know to record phone calls using this app. Rev Call Recorder is a great all-around app to record phone calls, coming with the features most people need. To record phone calls with this app, dial the number you want to call and wait for the Rev call recording number to appear.

audio calling apps

audio calling apps