Best Free Internet Phone Calls Apps December

audio calling apps for android

When it comes to finding the best video call app for iPhones, LINE is up there. It lets you call, message, video chat, and all through hieroglyphics like stickers, GIFs, and other mediums. Slack, our second option for the best video call app for iPhone is also aimed at businesses. It makes video and group chat easier for those that are working from home.

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Video and Voice Call Apps to Hang out with Friends

Even if the data is not stored by the chat server, the hosting provider or a hacker could simply gather the data. Its advanced technology automatically augments and amplifies the sounds in your environment so that the audio is more clear, crisp, and audible. With its simple sliders and toggles, you can easily apply noise reduction to reduce annoying background noises.

audio calling apps for android

This Android call recorder app allows you to do the automatic recording for incoming and outgoing calls. You can share recordings easily through email and messaging apps.

You can enjoy the noise-canceling features of this app for free. This helps users to efficiently and effectively communicate with each other even in noisy environments. It has a noise suppression control that enables users to set how much noise suppression they want.

audio calling apps for android

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Best for people who want a high-quality audio and video call experience. This app supports feedforward, feedback, and hybrid active noise cancellation topologies. Best for enhancing the listening experience of mobile and multimedia applications. This noise-canceling app is compatible with all modern versions of Windows.

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  • Call Voice Changer – IntCall has funny sound effects that allow users to change their voice.

For international calling, users need to purchase in-app credits. You can make free calls to your friends & relatives with these Android apps.

This popular choice is everyone’s favorite way to communicate in the business world. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app where users can communicate using their WiFi or mobile data connections. PC to PC and app to app free internet phone calls are available with Viber, so lots of devices are supported. WhatsApp also lets you send videos, photos, your location, and contacts to other users.End-to-end encryption is supported for all communication within the app. Here we have curated the list of the top video-calling apps for your Android device. So, here is the top voice changer for phone calls for iPhone and Android to prank call your family or friends.

audio calling apps for android

audio calling apps for android