10 Best Android Video Chat Apps For 2022

audio calling apps for android

Luckily, you can earn minutes for free by watching videos and completing partner offers. If you prefer to pay, you can grab 100 outbound minutes for $1.99. Everyone loves to joke around and laugh with their loved ones. Voice modulation is a great way to start with the practical roles and alter the voices to support any character.

Imo users can make as many calls as they want to each other and even set up group video calls with the click of a button. Messenger from Facebook is another excellent voice calling app for Android. Although the messaging excels in text messaging, it still offers voice and video calling features. Technology has made our lives easier, especially by creating a better communicating system. Years ago, we were happy with getting the opportunity to communicate with others only with voice calls and text messages. But now, we can feel the real-life conversation due to the rapid use of the video chatting approach.

Google Voice

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You can initiate a chat or make a video call through WhatsApp to any of your contacts registered on the platform. When it comes to privacy, WhatsApp is a secure app and enables end-to-end data encryption for all conversations. It has since expanded into a full-blown service that offers text chats, voice chats, and even video chats. You can call anyone else who uses Viber free of charge. Like Skype, there’s a small fee if you want to call phone numbers for people who don’t use Viber. However, many of them are goofy little things like stickers that don’t really matter too much. Viber to Viber calls, texts, and video chats are completely free.

It also integrates with Facebook, so you can chat with friends from the social network. The best part about the app is that it makes group video calls with up to 12 people simultaneously. As its name implies, it’s no surprise that GroupMe is centered on facilitating group chats or direct messages with others. It’s essentially a text messaging app that also supports users as they send other forms of media or entertainment too, like photos and voice memos.

audio calling apps for android

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audio calling apps for android

Whether you’re concentrating on your studies or making some video calls, this app is a simple solution to shut off external distractions. As the name suggests, what it does is help you stay safe while you’re listening to music or using headphones in a public area. Once the app is enabled, you can hear the background noises like car horns without having to take off your earphones. This way, you don’t have to worry about your safety while using your headphones in public, especially in sketchy areas. Best online AI-powered service that cancels noise and enhances voice in audio and video recordings. I’d love to see more options for the display when someone is calling through Google Voice.

audio calling apps for android

It allows users to change their voices by using different pitch, speed, and gender settings. It allows you to change your voice from male to female during call, add effects and even record your calls.

  • Auto Call Recorder is the best solution for phone call recording.

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There are plenty of them, and picking the right app is a difficult prospect. Luckily we’ve rounded up all the best options available, to help you figure out which of the best video apps is the right choice for you. Video chat apps can give you a virtual presence at physical events you can’t attend. Heck you don’t even have to be in the same time zone thanks to the magic of the internet. Video chat apps bridge the gaps, and keep you connected with the people that matter — all without having to leave the house.

audio calling apps for android