10 Best Video Calling App for Android and iPhone

audio calling apps for android

Say hello to MobileVOIP, another great substitute for your phone calling operator. Using this stunning app, you can save up to 95% of your experience for making international calls. You can use your mobile number to make calls at any place in the world with an Internet network with minimal cost. And all the essential functions are also available here. To make a clear and secure connection with SMS and voice call with your dearest persons across the town and ocean, install Signal Private Messager. It will keep private records of all your messages and phone call.

audio calling apps for android

Check out these phone apps that offer free calling and texting. If you place a VoIP call to someone on the same service or a different VoIP service, the recipient’s app or device receives the data and converts it into an analog signal. The call doesn’t pass through traditional phone networks but instead uses typical internet infrastructure. If you need to make international calls, you can add up to $70 in credit using a bank account or credit card stored in your Google Account. Google’s international calling rates start at $0.01 per minute and depend on your call’s destination. A VoIP app allows you to make calls from your mobile phone. Your mobile phone provider may charge you for a local call.


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You can record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically and manual mode. It helps you to share and manage your recordings quickly and transfer them to your computer. This iPhone call recorder app helps you to manage all your communications. It allows you to set which calls are recorded to white list and which are ignored.

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audio calling apps for android

If in case you haven’t connected any headset, the call runs via your phone’s earpiece. You can however always choose to have these calls go via your speaker phone. It allows you to send Whatsapp messages without having to save your contact information.

One can use Magic Call – Robot Voice Changer to try the demo before starting to use it. Let’s not forget about the voice of the movie – DREAM GIRL. Stay updated on the latest products and services anytime, anywhere. Approximately 24 carriers support Wi-Fi calling in the United States. Microsoft 365 Family and Personal plans include 60 minutes per month of free Skype calls.

audio calling apps for android

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Additionally, you can also play Viber games with friends, follow public accounts, share contact files, etc. Google Duo is one of the best video chat apps for Android. The headlining feature of Duo is the simplicity of the interface that brings video calling to the forefront. Skype is a Microsoft creation that allows you to make free HD video and voice calls.

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audio calling apps for android