15 best music player apps for Android

audio phone app download

BlueJeans Meetings running on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 from Google delivers world-class audio and video performance alongside a host of features that make it easy to collaborate. Save your favorite stations as presets and set one as an alarm clock, complete with a daily schedule and snooze option. Use the iHeartRadio music app to set a sleep timer to turn off a radio station after a certain number of minutes or hours. One thing that makes playlists enjoyable with Spotify is that anyone can make one and share it with others so that they can play the same songs in their app. The app allows several push notifications, alerting you to things like a new album being released from an artist you follow, or when a playlist is updated.

audio phone app download

If you want to listen to music loudly from your phone, select the Speaker setting in the equalizer to increase the gain and get loud results. Formerly known as LiveXLive, LiveOne is an app that lets you stream the best radio stations from across the world. If you’re the kind of person who likes to listen to music from different countries, LiveOne is a good choice. No matter what your music tastes are, Spotify has you covered. And if you opt for the Spotify Premium plan, you can download any song, album, or playlist offline in the app. Keep in mind that despite these songs being offline, you will still lose access if you stop paying for Spotify Premium.

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This is not a new thing that files get deleted accidentally from the phones. And this can be pretty frustrating when you want to recover deleted songs on Android and don’t know what you should try.

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Now you can control your Beats product in multiple ways straight from the app. The basic $4.99 premium version removes ads and adds some themes.

  • The workaround is to create a new folder and move the mp3s into that folder, then they appear on the pc.

audio phone app download

The free version is a little bare-bones with the paid version providing far more features. As of our July 2019 update, the free version of BlackPlayer seems to be missing in action. We’ll check back in a few months to see if it comes back. Click on the storage you’ve set as default for saving the recorded audio files.

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The app works with many devices, including Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Windows Mobile, Windows, wearables, TVs, gaming consoles, speakers, and more. Supports an automatic mode to listen every time you open the app. The app works best when connected to Wi-Fi, so you can stream music with little to no buffering. Bookmark your favorite artists to access them later, and stream podcasts from the app. Libby’s ebook reader makes it easy to customize how you read.

audio phone app download

Since this app is free to use, you won’t encounter any issues using it on your Android device. There is a provision to select any existing platform from its list or you can just enter keywords in the search option. You can play it to make sure it’s the audio song you need. If you like the idea of using a local music player that’s keen on open source, Music Player Go proudly waves the flag. The app is powered by Kotlin, and because the developer consistently updates it, Music Player Go plays nice with Android 10 and 11’s scoped storage. You can grab Music Player Go from F-Droid, the open source Android app store, or sideload it directly from GitHub.

audio phone app download

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audio phone app download