10 Best Voice Recording Apps for Android & iPhone

audio recorder phone app

In terms of editing, it has basic trimming, but also the ability to change playback speed and skip ahead in the recording, while reviewing it. With a paid subscription, you can also record incoming and outgoing phone calls on your device, using a third call participant, which is their recording line. They also have a paid speech-to-text feature if you want to transcribe your recordings.

  • Thus, we don’t recommend this for people looking for a simple, lightweight recorder.
  • One drawback to the app is its exclusion of convenience-oriented features, which are only included in the Pro version.

One of the best apps you need to download for your iOS or Android smartphone is the Rev Audio and Voice Recorder. This app has a concise user interface and a powerful audio recording capability. You can also tag sections of your recording so they are easier to find, and resume recording after pausing up to three minutes. AVR can also be used to decrease background noise in your recordings. Some of the premium features require that you use AVR pro, which requires an additional fee.

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Can a smartphone be used as a listening device?

Mobile phones themselves can be used as bugging devices. They can be programmed not to vibrate, ring or show any outward signs that they are being called. They then auto-answer and the caller can listen in to conversation within the room.

However, a regular voice recorder app is not enough as any person around you could notice your phone screen and understand that you are recording. Instead, you need a secret voice recording app that can record in the background when the display is off. You can also record voice calls with such a voice recorder app without the other person getting any alert. We have compiled the list of best secret voice recorder apps for Android and iOS. Hi-Q is one of the more powerful voice recorder apps out there. That makes the sound files compatible with virtually everything.

Best Voice Recorder Apps for High

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audio recorder phone app

It records in a variety of formats, including popular ones like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, and M4A. There is also cloud integration for easy upload to Dropbox, Google Drive and others. You get a bunch of smaller features, like playback speed controls, the ability to automatically skip silent parts of a recording, a gain switch, and support for Bluetooth devices. There are various audio recording apps on different platforms, and the following apps are the best 12 voice recorder apps you can try.

audio recorder phone app

TapTranscriptto view text with each word highlighted as it’s spoken. You can easily import your client or patient list, making it easier to assign recordings to the correct file and speed up transcription. The app offers professional recording as well as editing functions, such as insert, overwrite, append and cut recording sequences. Let’s start off with the fastest way to record your voice on Android and iOS, iPhone or Samsung, etc.

How do I secretly record audio on my phone?

Smart Recorder is the best secret voice recording app for Android users. The app can record surrounding voice even when the display is off. The app does not consume too much battery life in comparison to other such hidden voice recording apps.

It enables you to view all the messages without any hassle. This tool allows you to check the GPS location of the device. Like the Rev app, Otter is an entry point for a transcription service—an artificial intelligence-powered one, in this case.

The easiest method to use is a file-syncing or cloud storage service like Dropbox or iCloud. If you have a Dropbox account and the Dropbox app on your phone, files can be synced to your account automatically and subsequently added to your computer. Other sharing options include email, media message, or connecting your smartphone to your computer via USB and transferring files directly. Remember to make sure your device has enough space to save the high-resolution audio recordings, and if not, try to free up some space before going out in the field. Like it says in the name, the audio recordings taken by this app are stored as mp3 files. A final perk of this app is that it will automatically save your audio recordings to your dropbox or google drive. However, this version only can record up to 10 minutes.

audio recorder phone app

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audio recorder phone app