20 BEST Call Recording Apps for Android

audio recorder phone app

Over the years, Google has made leaps and bounds in the realm of artificial intelligence. Keep in mind that none of the other options let you record video or hold virtual conversations directly in the app as Riverside does. But if you want a simple audio recorder, one of these apps will do the trick nicely. This is the app to get if you’re a podcaster, as there are a lot of pro features in Voice Record Pro. The premium version has the same features without the ads. As far as user experience is concerned, no other recorder app was as simple or fun as this one. The UI is laid out like a vintage cassette recorder, complete with click noises when you use any of the controls.

audio recorder phone app

Level setting – Most dedicated recording apps allow you to control the recording level. You should aim to have the peak between -6 and -12 dB, and most importantly, do not let the peak level hit 0 dB. Other recording apps that allow you to record in .WAV format include Voice Record Pro for iOS, and RecForge II and Hi-Res Audio Recorder for Android, among many others. One of the first things to figure out when recording audio on an Android phone is whether you are recording external audio or internal audio. If your audio is distorted or quiet, it might be because of microphone issues. One reason your mic might not be working is that it’s dirty. If dust and dirt have built up over your microphone, it will interfere with the sound quality of the recording.

A free program for Android, by NCH Software

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audio recorder phone app

Point the bottom of your Android phone towards the audio source. Make sure that your hands are not covering the microphone while you’re recording. Play back the recording by tapping «Play.» This will allow you to listen to the recording before saving it. You can move the timeline to set where you want playback to start from. You can resume recording by tapping the Record button again. You can drag the timeline to adjust where you want to start recording again.

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audio recorder phone app

You can choose from a variety of file formats, add notes to recordings at recording or control the playback speed of all audio files you listen to in AVR Voice Recorder. You can also skip silences, connect a headset microphone to the app via Bluetooth or arrange your voice recordings in any way you want. The app lets you upload your audio files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file-hosting platforms.

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audio recorder phone app

Use Voice Memos for quick and easy recordings, or try out one of our recommended apps for more complex recordings. There are many instances when an audio recorder can come in handy. Smart Voice Recorder allows users to capture high-fidelity recordings through an… It is an ideal app to make those small voice notes or memos that you think you will forget later on. You can quickly retrieve the list of all your recordings which is an excellent thing. Also, it only occupies a small amount of memory space on your Mac. Select the app icon again in your menu bar and click Stop to stop your voice recording.

It is a fully-featured app that likes to keep it simple. You’ll be able to record in PCM , AAC, and AMR which gives you a good variety of options.

Is there an app to hear conversations?

Get The Best Listening Device Apps For Android

If you're interested in getting the best listening device apps for Android, you certainly won't go wrong with any of the apps on this list. uMobix , FlexiSPY , iKeyMonitor , and XNSPY are all excellent choices when it comes to listening in a very discreet manner.

Swipe down from the top of the phone screen twice to open the Quick Settings menu. You may need to swipe left to locate the Screen Recorder app. Once the recording starts, the timer will also start to keep track of the duration. At home, your phone would come in handy to record special moments and create memories.

How do I record audio secretly on my iPhone?

No need to unlock your phone screen or open the app to start or stop the recording, your phone screen can be locked during the whole recording process. Run the voice recorder app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the More Menu (three vertical dots), you can then find the option Start Recording at the Scheduled Time.

audio recorder phone app