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audio recorder phone app

Your screen recording will be saved to the phone’s gallery. For clear and better recordings, choose a quiet room with the windows closed and no fans on. Sometimes, the slightest of sounds can be picked up in the recording. Then, to save the recording, tap on the white square icon at the bottom right.

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Great Audio Recording Apps for Teachers and Students

However, you also get the small stuff like skipping silences in the track, sensitivity controls, adjustable sample rates, and more. It gets frequent updates and it rocks a 4.5 rating on Google Play at the time of this writing. It’s one of the good ones and the premium version is cheap too.

In terms of editing, you can trim, apply fades, and normalize audio. So an audio-organizing app like this is essential for those who use apps this way, especially considering how strict the file system on iPhones tends to be. Besides voice recording, Rev also lets you order transcripts which can be generated either through professional typists or through the in-buil AI technology. Next in our list of the best apps for Android and iOS, we have the Evernote app. Developed by the Evernote Corporation; this app offers you the best way of planning, organizing, editing, and sharing your documents without having to include a backup app. When it comes to recording audios, Evernote allows you to take advantage of its inbuilt recording capability through clicking on the microphone icon.

How to Transcribe iPhone Voice Memos

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audio recorder phone app

audio recorder phone app

This audio is much harder to record because most audio recording apps are unable to do it. However, screen recording apps have the ability to record internal audio if your phone allows it. However, there is a number of sound/voice recording software, ranging from professional grade production suits to lightweight applications with necessary functionalities . If you’re looking for all the functionalities in a single application, Sound Recorder Software would be the best choice for you. If you are looking for a secret voice recorder with proper transcribing option, this is the app for your iPhone. You can record without getting detected easily and you can transcribe recording as well as edit and share them. In fact, many consider it better than the inbuilt Voice Memos app on iOS devices.

With the selection of 300 mix packs, Music Maker JAM is one of the best android apps for aspiring musicians who want to compose their music even while they are on the go. You can choose from a variety of samples, audio loops and beats to create your next song or record live performances with the app’s 8-channel mixer. Music Maker JAM also enables you to record vocals, adjust the tempo of the audio files or apply effects to all recordings you edit with this app. Once your recording is ready, you can upload it to SoundCloud directly from the app or post it on Facebook and other social networks. As the app’s name suggests making recordings for a broad range of purposes is easy. All you need to do is launch the app and start a new audio recording session.

It will automatically delete old phone recordings after a period of time – if you want to keep some recordings, just mark them so that they won’t be deleted. For those deleted recordings, luckily, there is a Recycle Bin for easy recovery of them. You are allowed to multi-select, delete, send the recordings. It provides password-protection to your recording files. It allows transferring recording between many devices and cloud upload (Email, FTP, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV & WebHooks, premium version only).

Starting a new recording session takes only a second since you just have to tap on the Record button to capture the voices of all speakers in the room. What’s more, the app lets you add photos or slides to transcripts while the recording session is still in progress. Dolby On is a sound-recording app that has the ability to improve your sound recording with boosts and filters that help enhance sound quality.

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audio recorder phone app