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audio recording phone app

It does the basics like recording, sharing, and playback. It also includes a transcription service, cloud storage, cross-platform support, and it even supports stuff like photos. The free version includes 600 minutes of transcription per month. It’s also not half bad for lectures and students get a discount to $2.99 per month if they want to go that route. It’s very powerful, but only if you really need stuff like cloud storage, transcriptions, and more powerful stuff like that. Otter is a powerful voice recorder that’s laser-focused on productivity.

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It’s mostly for musicians, but it’s also quite good for voice memos and other such things. It’s also entirely free with no ads making it one of the truly great free voice recorder apps. Voice Recorder and Audio Editor is a free app with a few legs up on Voice Memos. Unlike some other apps, this one is truly free, with unlimited recordings as long as you have space on your phone. You can add notes to your recordings, upload them to iCloud or using any other sharing method, and export in multiple audio formats. In terms of editing, it has basic trimming, but also the ability to change playback speed and skip ahead in the recording, while reviewing it. With a paid subscription, you can also record incoming and outgoing phone calls on your device, using a third call participant, which is their recording line.

Is there an app to automatically record phone calls?

Cube ACR is an app that allows you to manually or automatically record calls. It's only available for Android phones, but it's fairly advanced and compatible with not only your built-in phone app but also third-party apps like Skype and WhatsApp. You can even customize which contacts you want to auto-record at no cost.

Check out our guide to choosing a microphone to learn more. Rev is a transcription service that also offers a recording app for both iOS and Android. If you want your recording transcribed, you can place an order directly within the app and have real humans transcribe your audio for a per-minute charge with 99% accuracy.

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audio recording phone app

audio recording phone app

Open the App Store and search for «voice recorder» for a large list of audio recording apps. Thankfully, Voice Recorder Pro is a better app than its bland name would imply. It is a fully-featured app that likes to keep it simple.

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audio recording phone app

Recording and sending audio messages is pretty common. Smartphones have made a voice recording a straightforward process.

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audio recording phone app

Some apps like Easy Voice Recorder don’t have a recording limit built-in—though, it will stop recording when your phone’s hard drive is critically low on space. Meanwhile, the Smart Recorder app has file size limits, which may be inconvenient for some users. It might be a good idea to check your phone now and then to make sure it’s still recording. The heart of the app lies in its ability to quickly send your voice recordings for transcription, which costs $1.25 per minute of audio. All transcriptions are done by humans, and the company promotes a turnaround time of 12 hours or less.

audio recording phone app