5 Great Audio Recording Apps for Teachers and Students

audio recording phone app


Every app on the list comes with unique features hence, you can prefer any of them according to your needs. No worries, RecForge II is one of the best-known audio recorders with audio editing capabilities as well. Along with the recording, you can crop, merge or time-stretch your recorded audio.

  • Many recorder apps are free.Open the Google Play Store and search for «voice recorder.»
  • Helps you to record cellular phone calls to MP3 audio file format.
  • Not an app to miss, this recorder is pretty feature-rich and allows you to trim, fade, convert and normalize recordings.

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FiLMic Pro

So an audio-organizing app like this is essential for those who use apps this way, especially considering how strict the file system on iPhones tends to be. As advanced as this app may be, it doesn’t feature any editing tools, so you’ll still have to export your recordings to another audio app for processing.

Otter is an app that transcribes live recordings, which makes it unique. I’ve used it for interviews, and it would be a valuable tool for those with accessibility needs. You get 600 minutes free every month; choose the Premium plan for 6,000 minutes, which lets you record Zoom meetings and get a transcription after it ends. And Otter’s $20-per-month business plan can live-transcribe meetings, whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Cisco Webex. Google Voice only supports recording incoming calls, not calls you make. To record incoming calls, you’ll need to use Voice Memos on your iPhone.

on Apple iOS: Voice Memos app

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audio recording phone app

It also has a few affects you can add to tracks such as distortion and delay, though there is no reverb yet available. Works well, sometimes too well since the app hides itself on your phone. Can be used for nefarious reasons as well, which is worrying. There is no hidden app software and you have to manually turn it on to make it record. This content is provided for information purposes only.

Point the bottom of your iPhone to the source of the audio. To get the best sound for your recording, point the bottom of the iPhone to the source of the audio. Make sure that your hands are not covering the microphone on the iPhone. Make sure to keep some distance between you and the source for the best levels. Voloco helps you record better tracks, elevate your sound to professional quality, and is extremely intuitive to use. With 50 million downloads, it stands out because it lets you create the best songs with more than 50 effects and thousands of free beats.

audio recording phone app

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In general, using good recording technique makes more of a difference for smartphone recordings than purchasing a small external microphone. These types of highly directional microphones absolutely do make a difference in recording quality. Check out our 2019 gear review for more information on microphone options. There are pre-installed audio recorder apps for Android but they come up with minimalistic features. So, if you need an audio recorder that can provide you with better quality and features then you can install any of the apps that I have listed.

Everything you record is accessible to only you – nothing is stored on our servers. To convert your audio file into text, download the file and use our conversion tool. Making a song requires some level of multitrack recording. At minimum you need to be able to have a backing track to sing along with while you record your vocal. The following apps are a good place to start for exactly that purpose. Always use the back camera when you’re looking to make quality videos.

audio recording phone app