6 Best Free Audio Recording Apps For Android

audio recording phone app

The easiest method to use is a file-syncing or cloud storage service like Dropbox or iCloud. If you have a Dropbox account and the Dropbox app on your phone, files can be synced to your account automatically and subsequently added to your computer. Other sharing options include email, media message, or connecting your smartphone to your computer via USB and transferring files directly. Remember to make sure your device has enough space to save the high-resolution audio recordings, and if not, try to free up some space before going out in the field. I am going to start the list with one of the top-rated and popular voice recorder apps on the Play Store. Easy Voice Recorder is easy to use with one tap recording and the best thing is you can even record voice when your screen is turned off. The UI is quite clean and comes with a tuning feature where you can choose sample rate, encoding format, quality etc.

audio recording phone app

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder allows for easy syncing to Dropbox, so that you can access your audio files on your computer and share them with friends, family or colleagues. You can also pause, rewind and fast forward from within the app, so there’s no pressure to get the perfect recording on your first take. If your app doesn’t have external mic options, don’t worry. You can always record the audio with an external recorder and merge it with your video later. If you require a voice recorder app Windows 10/11/macOS, don’t forget to download it. If you only want to create voice recordings on your Mac, nothing can be better than Simple Recorder-Voice Recorder. It is a perfect app for those of you looking to make voice recordings without any fuss.

BEST Call Recording Apps for Android

This happens to many people and can result in lost audio recordings that can’t be replaced. Luckily, there are ways to prevent losses like this, other than just being very careful while using your phone. With high-quality loops, synthesizers, and percussions, this studio recording app for Android lets you create the beats or instrumentals you want. It is also an app that lets you record over instrumentals, which makes it one of the best Android apps for music production. Dolby On is one of the best apps to record songs because it comes with a suite of automatic studio effects that help you enhance and improve your music quality effortlessly.

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PCM Recorder

There are different sharing options also provided in this recorder. You can share the entire recordings on the web or share the short video clips of the audio on social media.

audio recording phone app

audio recording phone app

This is because of the extra perks you get, whether it be audio saving to your google drive, unlimited audio length, or audio editors. This might be a good investment for those who use audio recordings for serious hobbies or jobs, such as interviewers or musicians. While the built-in voice recording app might work wonderfully for some, others might be interesting in a recording app with more capabilities. You can easily find a variety of voice recording apps compatible with your Android phone by going to the Google Play Store.

audio recording phone app

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  • Your video will be saved on the XRecorder app, and you can edit it before sharing it.
  • As podcasts and music videos gain popularity, there has been a surge in the searches for voice recorder apps.

Click the button below to start your audio recording. Record your voice and other audio using a microphone. You can then download the audio or listen back to it in the browser. Let’s start off with the fastest way to record your voice on Android and iOS, iPhone or Samsung, etc.

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How do I record a phone call on both sides?

If you're looking to record calls on your Android device, then look no further than the Notta app. This is a voice-to-text application that can record from both ends of the conversation. Use Notta to convert calls to text in real-time.

Additionally, it has an above-average audio editor for after the recording ends if you need such a thing. Some of the filters include noise reduction, de-essing, and even a fade-in and out effect.

audio recording phone app

audio recording phone app