10 best voice recorder apps for Android

audio recording phone app

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Choose the red circular Record button to start the recording. The recording timer will start on the circular button in the menu’s center. Choose Microphone if you want to use the phone’s mic to record your voice or audio.

# Rev Call Recorder

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Whether you want to make a quick memo, record a lecture, or listen back on your band practice, there are plenty of reasons to record audio on your phone. Most budget and top-of-the-line Android phones have a built-in option that can do the job, but they leave something to be desired. Be it the bland interface or lack of sound enhancement features. You may get even better results by attaching a mic to your device and holding the mic close to the iPhone.

Even though this tool is on Instagram, you don’t need to use your account to access it. Just download and save your videos on your smartphone. In addition, it has the option to pause the recording and continue afterwards, without having to make two videos, which is quite helpful during editing.

audio recording phone app

You can record using the standard mic, camcorder mic, or Bluetooth microphones. You can play, save, and delete tracks of the recorded call unlimited times. Auto call recorder allows you to record and save call that you want. You can also record and select which calls you want to save and share.

Is there an app to automatically record phone calls?

Cube ACR is an app that allows you to manually or automatically record calls. It's only available for Android phones, but it's fairly advanced and compatible with not only your built-in phone app but also third-party apps like Skype and WhatsApp. You can even customize which contacts you want to auto-record at no cost.

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  • Today’s recording equipment is more portable than it has ever been.
  • This platform is a complete recording studio straight in your pocket.

This depends on what your needs are, and what features will help you the most. For example, you may want to use Apple’s Voice Memo App which is built in for voice recording on your iPhone. This is simple and easy to use, but doesn’t offer transcriptions like Otter or Alice. Neutron Audio Recorder is from the developers of Neutron Music Player, one of the best music players available.

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audio recording phone app

Besides, you can connect an external microphone with the app in case you want to increase the quality of the sound you are recording. The app also lets you store your recordings on Dropbox or Google Drive, while it also offers the possibility to send recordings via email. If you’re an iPhone user, you can use almost all the voice recording apps listed above.

audio recording phone app

audio recording phone app