Top 12 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone & Android & Windows 10

audio recording phone app

Most recorders record in WAV or MP3 format, which can be played on virtually any device. Point the bottom of your Android phone towards the audio source. Most Android devices have a microphone at the bottom. Make sure that your hands are not covering the microphone while you’re recording. Play back the recording by tapping «Play.» This will allow you to listen to the recording before saving it. You can move the timeline to set where you want playback to start from. Tap the Stop button when you want to pause recording.

Since nearly everything today is somehow connected to social media, being able to post content quickly and easily is a game-changer. Capture any sound with your Android device and record directly in MP3 format. Create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android Phone or Tablet. Install the app on your Mac, and the app icon will be added to your Dock. Enter a name for your recording and tap on Done at the lower-right corner. Press the same button when you have finished your recording to mark your current recording as completed. You can usually pause your recording without finishing it, allowing you to resume recording again.

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audio recording phone app

You probably won’t need to record all of your phone calls, but there are times when it’s convenient to have a recording. In those instances you may want to listen through the conversation more than once or have a record of it. Whether you’re saving a moment for later, or capturing a voiceover for a video, you want to make sure that your audio is clear and enjoyable. Check out the apps and features listed above and start recording today. The effects run the gamut, from a pen tool to frames. Additionally, the video recording app has also got 6 filters, 5 effects, 2 recording speeds and allows you to automatically share the video on YouTube.

Google Recorder

Now, Voice Typing also works in Google Slides speaker notes. For those who prefer to dictate than type or those with impairments which makes it difficult for them to type, Voice Typing can be very useful.

audio recording phone app

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What are the best microphones for voice over in 2022? We put together this guide to help you choose the right microphone for your voice. If you have any problems using Call Recorder – IntCall, they have excellent customer service. You can use the app to record domestic and international calls. It’s worth noting that the app is not free and you can either buy prepaid credits or opt for the weekly subscription. If you choose to back up your recordings, the app syncs them to Google Drive at the end of a phone call. One thing that is different with this app is that you’ll have to enable 3-way conference calling on your smartphone to use REKK so that you can merge calls for recording.

  • If you’re someone who needs to record the clearest vocals or samples on the go, you’d be better served by a portable voice recorder.

You can record as many audio clips as you want, with no paid limits for numbers. That said, there are in-app purchases for features, such as transcribing speech to text and being able to add notes to individual recordings. It can also record calls on your iPhone with a paid subscription. Besides this, the app allows you to password-protect the recordings, change playback speed, trim and loop recordings, etc.

How can I record audio using my phone?

Yes, your Android phone has a built-in voice recorder app. You can find it by searching for Sound Recorder in your apps. Swipe up from your phone's home screen if you're using an older version of Android. The Sound Recorder app does what you'd expect: It records and plays back audio files.

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It enables automatic recordings for one or multiple users with just a few clicks. These kinds of apps allow you to set up an electronic record of calls. The type of voice recorder app you choose depends on your needs and priorities.

audio recording phone app