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It will increase the overall volume on your phone by as much as 200%. The full audio player comes with an equalizer, filters, and plays all audio formats, including the unusual ones. Although the Google Play Store listing doesn’t tell much about the Super Loud Volume Booster app, it still seems to work.

What is the best volume booster app?

  1. Precise Volume. Precise Volume is a volume booster app that overrides the standard 15 volume steps limit on Android devices with its 100-step volume levels.
  2. Volume Booster by GOODEV.
  3. Equalizer.
  4. VLC for Android.
  5. Boom.
  6. Equalizer FX.
  7. Podcast Addict.

Also, it doesn’t make the speakers or headphones crack which is a big achievement. If you want to boost volume on your Android device, you should check it out. The only thing I hate about this app is the constant ads that make it a bad music player. But you can always use a different music player and use it just for volume output control. The app has a clean monochrome interface which looks really cool and it even gives you the option to complete customize the look and feel of the music player.

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However, changing an Android smartphone only for low volume isn’t a good decision. App developers have built a few apps that might help you enhance the sound capacity of your device. Simply searching for ‘Volume Booster’ on the Google Play Store will provide a plethora of apps. Your phone might need a headphone volume booster to create better audio, and there are several ways you can do just that. VLC also includes an equalizer that boosts the audio volume and a range of presets to improve the sound of your music, based on your favorite genres. VLC is one of the most popular media players on desktops, so why not phones too?

Inarguably, the tool can give users a more enjoyable music experience. Super Volume Booster is a free audio booster app for Android. The app has an elegant user interface with a big volume knob in the middle. Below that, it shows audio boost options which are 60%, 100%, 160%, and Max. It also shows the currently playing track along with the media playback controls. Along with the audio boost, the also features an equalizer with a 3D visualizer. The app comes with various themes as well that allows users to change the interface of the app.

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call audio booster app

call audio booster app

Many of them are designed specifically to cancel out noise coming from outside the headphones, so you can be assured of the best audio experience. Regardless of which speaker app you decide to use, there’s a risk of damaging the phone speakers, headphones, or your hearing if the volume is too high for too long. If you hear distortions in the audio, the volume is too high. Basically, you’re getting both a volume booster app and music player in one app, but you’ll have to pay for the service after the initial 7-day free trial is over. Have you also been disturbed by the fact that your device’s audio Volume is insufficient?

You can use extra sound levels for incoming and outgoing calls, messages, notifications, songs and alarms. With volume booster apps you can attend the calls and listen to the music in a crystal clear sound.

call audio booster app

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  • It also offers various themes that change the look of the app.
  • It can’t run all of your phone’s sounds substantially higher.
  • You will experience a pleasant and trouble-free audio quality.

The boost is simple, you can set it to desire level along with the system volume. The app offers many presets and you can also fully customize the equalizer as per your liking. This app can also control the music playback within the app and comes with various UI themes. This is because, more often than not, Android devices include sound control to improve phone security.

call audio booster app

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call audio booster app