5 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android

call audio booster app


Unless you have an immediate, pressing need to install a specific patch, don’t do it. If the app is not optimized with the hardware and software, it consumes more battery and can also take more RAM to run it.

call audio booster app

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Talking about an app that features an excellent enhancement for your phone’s volume functionality, Max Volume Booster is a must-try one. As its name suggests, you can turn the volume up more than the system could. And of course, you can use this app for offline listening sessions too. Super Volume Booster is a free convenient app to boost the sound of your phone’s default speaker. GOODEV makes this app as lightweight as possible – less than 3 MB of download size. While the boost seems so little, the result is quite powerful.

If you want to boost the volume of the music, calls, and alarms then you should use this app. Though there are many sound amplifier apps on the App Store, not all of them are worth your time. In this review, we’ve discussed in-depth the best volume booster apps for iPhone. Out of the many, we’ve picked the 11 best sound boosting apps for you.

The app doesn’t offer users an equalizer that can improve the audio tones. However, many users have claimed that it deteriorates the sound quality. Since the app developer hasn’t disclosed how it works, it’s best to use it on an old device. But you can’t see the song’s info in the Super Volume Booster app. One of the best things about the super volume booster app is its themes. You must be using your phone as your primary device for listening to music or songs.

call audio booster app

One of the best things about the 3D sound music player is that you directly play the music from Spotify, Tidal, etc. You can also play the music directly from Google Drive and Dropbox. Another volume booster app for Android that works is the Volume Booster by GOODEV. It is a tool that works for almost every app, including Audiobook readers. However, the tool is not for adjusting the speakerphone volume in phone calls.

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This app shows a persistent notification with all three modes. Users can quickly switch between the modes from the notifications. Volume Booster Plus is one of the greatest Android volume booster applications. It is another best Bluetooth volume booster app for Android.

  • The maximum volume level that VLC can increase to is up to 200% of the original volume level.

This app contains a single boost slider that facilitates amplifying sound up to 60% by default and provides the option to increase volume further from the settings. However, playing audio at high volumes continuously for a long time may destroy your speakers and/or damage your ear. The sound setting that you choose is applied to music, movies, and apps but not to speakerphone volume of phone calls. BlackPlayer Music Player is another option that can be used as a volume booster for your Android device.

call audio booster app

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call audio booster app