Best Volume Booster App for Android 2022

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Usually, most of the sound in an audio file is below the maximum volume that can be produced. For example, the chorus of a song should be louder than the verses, so the sound of the rest of the audio track has to be decreased in comparison. Don’t worry about the functionality of your headphones without this feature. You can turn your headphones up all the way, then control the volume from your device. The volume buttons on your device will usually control all of these volume settings simultaneously. If the Media Volume setting is low, then the volume of your audio is limited no matter how high you crank up the general volume.

call audio booster app

EQ Bass music player also works with the headphones and gives the stereo effect, surround sound effect, and improve sound quality. Volume Booster is an Android app that increases the volume of your phone’s speaker more than the native system provides. It allows you to increase the speaker’s full volume connecting your headphone jack to your phone. Whatever you are listening to music, watching movies using other apps, or playing any games, this app increases all the sound features. The app also included music player controls that allow playing, pausing, seeing song info like artist and title, and allows to skip songs. Another in the list of best volume booster app for android is, Divi Volume Booster.

Connect your headphone to a portable DAC

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Is there a free volume booster?

Especially if you're using quiet laptop speakers or other low quality audio hardware, FxSound is the best free software to boost volume, bass, and sound quality.

Without this feature, if you wanted to increase the volume of your audio, you’d have to increase the volume on your device and then your headphones’s volume. This is the volume of all media playing, such as music, podcasts, audiobooks, videos, and games. This setting could be what is affecting the volume of your audio files. This software allows you to change the level as needed, in addition to providing louder and better sound quality. This program may be used for a variety of things, including listening to music, viewing movies, playing games, and watching YouTube videos. The software has a five-channel equalization as well as a sound effects tool, allowing you to experiment with your device’s audio output.

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call audio booster app

call audio booster app

Several apps are available in the Google Play Store that claim to boost the native volume of your smartphone. Our favorite is called Super Volume Booster from developer SoulApps Studio.

  • Moreover, the tool also works with streaming sites such as Netflix and Spotify.
  • If you want to boost volume on your Android device, you should check it out.
  • Volume Booster GOODEV with great technology can increase your Android phone volume higher than the original default.

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call audio booster app

Some of them come as free apps with a bunch of ads here and there. Meanwhile, some others require users to pay for subscriptions in the first place. Regardless of your preference, here is a list of the best volume booster apps for smartphones you can give a try. All you have to do is go to Google Play and search for volume booster apps. You will find quite a few audio booster applications with various smart features. Android devices are not always as loud as we would like them to be. Fortunately, the maximum volume of any device can be increased using the volume booster apps described in this article.

Listening to audio at extremely high levels can damage your hearing in the long run. The World Health Organization considers sounds above 85dB for eight hours a day as harmful.

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Currently, in addition to increasing the volume of the phone speaker by adjusting the volume, there is software that supports doubling the volume on the phone. If you use the Volume Booster GOODEV, the way to increase volume on Android phones is as below. What’s more important is that it lets you increase the sound output to the maximum level. However, increasing the sound above the default level might damage the speakers or even your ears. However, Volume Booster GOODEV doesn’t work on Android devices running on Android 4.2. Also, few users have reported destroyed speakers and earphones.

Is there a free volume booster for iPhone?

Equalizer Fx is the #1 volume booster app on the list that will turn your iPhone into a portable speaker. With this app, you can easily download music from Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud and organize them into playlists. You can edit, create and manage your songs in your playlists and can even play them offline.

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