12 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android in 2022

call audio booster app

Custom Equalizer with 8 or 16 bands creates your Equalizer to enjoy your music in the way you want without any fee. Volume Booster GOODEV is an essential volume control app for mobile users. Volume Booster GOODEV helps you to perform volume up and down manipulation on devices like phones or tablets quickly.

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How to improve your phone’s sound: Headphone volume booster apps and more

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Is there an app to increase call volume?

Volume Booster Pro is a simple volume control and booster app for Android phones. The app increases the loudness of music played on your phone. It also increases the volume for phone calls, alarms, and other phone system sounds such as ringtones and notifications.

Apps like Bass Booster Volume Power Amp, which can bass boost and filter sound effects simultaneously, are rare. You can play your music from your iTunes library or tune in the volume to your headphones or speakers. Using the Bass Booster app, you may control the music frequencies that fit your taste and preferences. In addition, to raise or reduce volume, adjust the music’s Dooper Pitch. Equalizer Fx app has a powerful bass booster and sound enhancer feature that will blow you away.

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So, before downloading such free apps, ensure you understand a few key things. Volume Booster by Cybacore is another free audio booster app for Android. This app offers a percentage slider where users can set the level of boost.

call audio booster app

call audio booster app

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  • Meanwhile, if you need the best sound booster to enhance your experience while listening to music, Boom should be on your consideration tab.
  • Moreover, you get a better sound quality and improved volume.
  • When you stream your music, even more 1’s and 0’s are cut out to make it fast to deliver.

Users can use that to find a combination of both for good results. The app allows for up to a 12 dB gain, which is pretty great, but might damage your smartphone’s speaker so you need to be careful while using the app. The app also allows you create and save your own equalizer presets which is a neat addition. Many of these volume booster apps have similar names, so make sure to use links given below to to download the apps. We hope that you find this article useful about best volume booster apps for Android. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below.

call audio booster app

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call audio booster app

It’s a free app that claims to increase the volume of your speaker or headphones by modifying the system files. VLC for Android is a quick solution to your volume woes, especially for music and movies, and you can boost sound up to 200 percent using the Audio Boost feature. An equalizer with preset sound profiles is included so you can pick what suits you listening tastes best.

If you are seeking a full-featured volume control system for your Android smartphone, then Precise Volume may have been the ideal solution for you. The equalizer has a built-in preamp that can instantly make any unintelligible audio listenable. Adjustments can be saved as convenient presents and activated on a per-device basis.

Can I increase the volume on my Android?

To increase the volume on your Android phone, you can use hardware keys, which are the buttons on the side of the device. The Volume Up button is generally the top button on the left side.

call audio booster app