8 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

call audio booster app

Equally important, you need to ensure your general device volume bar is high enough to be heard. You might’ve been playing your music on a lower volume all this while without knowing. Size of the application will not bother you because it hardly takes 3 MB on your device. In the application, you will get three buttons to set volume to Maximum, Normal or to Silent mode. The application is available for free on Google Play Store. FxSound targets the frequency range of the human voice and cuts out the noise. It then boosts the volume of voices by almost double the amplitude.

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Ultimate Volume Booster:

It’s no doubt that everyone loves to watch movies, TV Shows, YouTube videos on their Android smartphone. Not just movies, but Android smartphones are also pretty well made for listening to music. However, there’s one problem that we often deal with while playing music and watching videos – many Android smartphones aren’t loud enough. This app functions like the screen filter apps that protects your eyes from damage. With simple controllers anyone can control the sound, bass level on any kind of android mobile. The app offers more than 6 categories related to sound or screen color and allows you to select the best one.

call audio booster app

Be careful when using volume boosting apps, as they can damage your speakers and your hearing. If your headphones are too loud and are causing discomfort, you should immediately stop using the app. This is yet another simple app to boost audio on Android devices. The app comes with an elegant design offering a white and a dark theme. It has only one section where it shows a knob to adjust the level of boost and another knob to adjust the device volume.

The app has a crystal clear 3D surround sound system meaning no distortion when boosting the volume. It also has a complete music equalizer with custom presets. You can download songs from the iTunes library or cloud storage and listen to them offline. Bass boosting or amplifying the volume of your song will definitely grant you a great audio experience.

call audio booster app

call audio booster app

This app is for those users that love to listen to super loud volumes. The app also provides different themes that can change the looks of app. It doesn’t take more system resources due to its lightweight. This app supports all different sounds, such as audio sound, video sound, and games, and boosts the sound without compromising the audio quality of the device. One of its features is that, it increases the stereo sound volume without distorting the stereo effect. The app also gives the facility to control audio while playing a song so that you can play/pause or easily change songs.

If you don’t like the very low volume of your phone, you might want to consider an extra sound amplifier. Instead of having the app create the profiles for you, Volume Ace Free lets you create them yourself. Besides giving your volume a boost, you can control the volume level with the integrated sliders. Thus, you need to download and install an additional app that will help in enhancing your experience while doing your hobby with your smartphone. More than anything, be sure that you won’t harm your hearing sense due to too much exposure to loudness. You can increase the volume of your smartphone effortlessly and create compilations of your favorite videos through this app. While AmpMe is available for free, it comes with in-app purchases too.

How can I increase my call volume?

  1. Press a volume button.
  2. At the right, tap the Menu . If you don't find Settings, go to the steps for older Android versions.
  3. Slide the volume levels to where you want them: Media volume: Music, videos, games, and other media. Call volume: Volume of the other person during a call.

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call audio booster app

If you want to boost the audio output on your Android device then this list can help you find a suitable app for your needs. This software, like other volume boosters, only works with external speakers and headphones.

Is there an app to increase call volume?

Volume Booster Pro is a simple volume control and booster app for Android phones. The app increases the loudness of music played on your phone. It also increases the volume for phone calls, alarms, and other phone system sounds such as ringtones and notifications.

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call audio booster app

call audio booster app