The 5 Best Speaker Booster Apps of 2022

call audio booster app

However, it doesn’t support control of all of the system sounds, such as the phone call volume and FM radio. Ultimate Volume Booster – Speaker Boost & Sound Amplifier is the best free app to increase your phone speaker volume, much more than its full volume limits. Use the speaker amplifier to get extra high volume boost and enjoy louder sound, music, voice calls, audio, videos, games & more! This audio enhancer app also works just as great as an extreme volume booster and bass booster for headphones. Another great music player that you can use as a volume booster for your Android device is the BlackPlayer music player. The app features a five channel equalizer along with a sound effects feature which will allow you to tinker with the audio output of your device. Ultra Volume is an application that amplifies the sound, enhances the quality of listening to music on your device.

call audio booster app

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Max Volume Booster ProiOS

Once you have installed a specific app, the system will do the magic. And if all you need is a decent volume booster with a lot more to offer, Precise Volume might be what you are looking for. Unlike other similar apps, Volume Booster from GOODEV is a standalone loudspeaker – it is not a music player in the first place. This app runs smoothly on phone speakers and while the headphones are plugged.

This volume booster app enables you to control the sound of your mobile in an easiest and fastest way. Speaker booster will enhance the sound of calls, messages and notifications to such a level which is according to your requirements. The unwanted feature of this sound booster app for android is that it is full of ads. Equalizer+ Music and Podcasts is a powerful audio player app that enhances your iPhone’s sound to the fullest. It is an equalizer app that can play not only songs but also audiobooks and podcasts. You can customize your sounds with its powerful built-in bass booster and volume amplifier. You can organize your audio files into personal playlists and download music from Apple Music or Spotify.

Volume Booster PRO

So, in a crowded train or a noisy station, your smartphone’s loudest volume just isn’t enough Volume booster apps can come in handy in instances like this. These apps modify your smartphone volume and you get to hear your favourite tunes above all the noise irrespective of the quality of your headset or headphones. You should always check your audio settings first on your phone to see if you can get a better experience. Other options include downloading a headphone volume booster app, getting extra hardware, or cleaning out your speakers. While a volume booster app can help improve the audio or sound quality on your device, not all of them are genuine. Volume Booster Pro is an Android app that allows you to increase the sound level of your device’s speaker systems beyond what the native process permits. If you use the headphone jack to attach your phone to a speaker, you also can boost the speaker’s output level.

call audio booster app

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Is there an app to increase call volume?

Volume Booster Pro is a simple volume control and booster app for Android phones. The app increases the loudness of music played on your phone. It also increases the volume for phone calls, alarms, and other phone system sounds such as ringtones and notifications.

It is compatible with tablets and smartphones and has 80+ language support, which makes the application quite popular among Android users. Video games are one of the most acoustically rich, audio-saturated situations you’ll encounter.

Many popular streaming services provide a lower quality of audio as a trade-off for smaller file sizes and faster loading time. This can also save users’ money if they’re using their data to download or play a file.

Because the Volume Booster has only two main settings , setting it up and achieving the desired volume level takes very little time. Boosts the sound quality of streaming music and podcasts. If you are looking for a full-featured volume control hub for your Android device, then Precise Volume might be the best pick for you. To lock your phone, press the power button on your device. The next time you turn your screen on , you will see the lock screen.

Is there a free volume booster?

Especially if you're using quiet laptop speakers or other low quality audio hardware, FxSound is the best free software to boost volume, bass, and sound quality.

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  • With Precise Volume, you can adjust your audio settings with 100 different volume levels.
  • With this application, you will get boosted volume for everything.

call audio booster app