Volume booster for Android

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Volume Booster by SensusTech is a free audio booster Android app. This app has a colorful interface that users can customize with built-in themes. The app adjusts the level of boost with a slider along with a system volume knob. Along with that, it also offers quick boost options to instantly set the boost to a specific percentage. In case you have a rooted device, you shouldn’t even bother with any of the aforementioned apps and flash Viper4Android on your device.

call audio booster app

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Bass Booster & EQ Amplifier

The application allows users to adjust and amplify sound while users can enjoy images directly with the 3D virtualizer. This volume booster app has introduced a very popular sound technology which has the ability to increase the volume level from 25 to 45%. The feature which separates the app from the above volume booster apps is that it can change the default sound settings of android. Equalizer & Bass Booster provides you different preset and reset equalizers that will increase the sound of your android. You can give amazing bass and virtualized sound effects to your volume settings.

  • This app can also control the music playback within the app and comes with various UI themes.
  • VLC, the popular desktop media player programme, is also available for Android.

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Downloading a Volume App

There are so many volume booster apps available on the Google Play Store. If you search the volume booster app on the Google Play Store then you will find thousands of volume booster apps. Also, similar name volume boost apps are available on the play store. You can download these volume booster apps through the given link to download the best app.

call audio booster app

call audio booster app

Then this Volume Booster – Loud Speaker with Extra Sound may be just what you’re looking for. The free Volume Booster enhances the performance of your music more efficiently. It has a primary user interface that allows you to ace it in a couple of seconds. Boost sound for music, multimedia, and games is compatible with headset, phone speaker, and Bluetooth. It can quickly adjust Volume to 40 percent, 60 percent, 80 percent, and highest, only accessible via a small desktop app. Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the top-class apps on our list, is a full-featured volume booster.

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Is Volume Booster Pro free?

Whether you're listening to music, playing games, watching movies or watching videos, this Sound Booster free will increase all the sound volume.

If that’s what you want, then you can try an some volume booster apps. Extra Volume Booster is a valuable tool that will help you get the best experience every time you use any application on your phone. People often use their mobile devices to make calls and watch movies, listen to music, or play games, but the sound is too low to make them feel very uncomfortable. So this will be a perfect choice for you and create more excitement every time you use the phone. You can also mute all sounds of your phone by just pressing one key. The controllers of the application are very unique and you will enjoy the app because of its classic interface.

To open the Settings menu, swipe down from the top of the screen to display the pull-down menu. Then tap the icon that resembles a gear in the upper-right corner.Alternatively, you can open the Settings menu in the Apps menu. Jaan Muhammad is a Professional blogger of android apps at NewZoogle. He loves to explore, test and review these amazing android apps to help users in finding ideal choice for them. All the android apps reviewed above are carefully tested by the author before sharing with the NewZoogle Community. This is designed for – music lovers and users who want clear and loud music. However, you may continue troubleshooting with the fixes below if your phone is yet to sound well/loud enough.

call audio booster app

It works for almost every music player, including Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and VK. However, Equalizer FX does not work with the Android phone’s FM Radio. The unique thing about Equalizer FX is that it provides equalizer widgets for your home screen for accessibility and convenience. Moreover, the sound enhancement and volume boost of Equalizer FX come with 12 great presets, but you can still create your own.

Can volume booster damage phone?

Are Android volume booster apps safe? Yes, the Android volume booster apps recommended in this article are all safe, but you need to use them responsibly. Some speakers and headphones can be damaged by boosting the volume too much. That's why you always lower your volume if you hear distorted audio.

call audio booster app