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If you depend on your devices, wait for the final release. Select the method that you want to share your voice recording with. To delete a voice memo you longer need, simply tap the Trash icon to remove it.

This topic can get a bit complex, as there are multiple factors to consider, and laws change depending on where you are. We certainly can’t give you legal advice, so you’ll need to do some research on your local laws. That said, there are usually two factors to consider. First, if you’re recording a conversation or lecture, you’ll need to abide by similar laws for recording calls. You might need consent from one party, or all, depending on your location. Additionally, recording may infringe on copyright laws. This is especially the case if you’re recording music, a lecture, or a speech.

What Format Does an iPhone Voice Recorder Use?

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iphone audio app

There are a whole host of reasons you might make good use of a voice memo app. Maybe your boss loves to have walking meetings, but you’re not quite skilled at walking, note-taking, …and not running into a tree. Maybe you’re meeting colleagues for a brainstorming dinner and want to keep track of everyone’s ideas. Or maybe you need a quick way to take down a brilliant idea—for a business, a birthday gift, you name it—during your commute.

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iphone audio app

Just be sure you scrolled to the end, or you will be replacing audio rather than adding more to the end. And as far as the basics go, that’s it — that’s how you record audio on your phone. But there are a few other things to explore within the Voice Memos app. To stop recording, tap the red square at the bottom of the screen.

Although it is possible to skip tracks, that functionality only exists in a pop-up. Primary interaction is play/pause on the current album cover. While you’re recording in Voice Memos, you can go to the Home Screen, open another app, and use the other app, as long as it doesn’t play audio on your device. If the app starts playing audio, Voice Memos stops recording. To pause audio, tap the red «Record» circle at the top of the screen, then tap it again to resume recording. The iPhone’s screen recording tool is really helpful, but you might have an audio problem. Our guide on how to get sound on screen recording can show you how to fix this.

  • Some useful features are speed listening and sleep timer.

Pear Note can jump straight to the point in the recording where you typed that note, so you can listen to what was going on at the time and use the recording to interpret your notes. Pear Note lets you navigate to the end of the notes you did take, so you can listen to or watch what was going on when you zoned out and fill in the gaps. Pear Note records audio, video, and what you do, including typing notes and changing slides, on a timeline. Since keystrokes and slide changes are kept on this timeline, you can easily find what was being said during typing or a particular slide. Pear Note supports Auto Save and Versions when running on Mac OS X Lion or later, which means you never have to worry about saving or losing data again.

The pro plan will cost you $1.99 per month and unlock transcription, remove ads, unlock access to some other apps like QR Reader, Scanner, Photo Editor, and 20+ other apps. Call recording will cost $4.99 per month additionally. Once you stop the recording, you will see a bunch of options. Voice Record Pro supports pretty much all cloud storage sites like Drive, Dropbox, and more including SoundCloud. GarageBand comes with sound effects you can use to enhance any audio recording. Use the GarageBand app to record music, including instruments and vocals on separate tracks.

iphone audio app

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iphone audio app

iphone audio app