How to Record Audio on iPhone

iphone audio app

Just tap a folder to start playing all the tracks it contains. To add your music to Documents, tap the purple plus icon at the bottom right and select where to import it from. You can add music from the Files app, any cloud storage or even your computer. Documents also has a built-in browser so you can download your favorite songs from the web. Now, let’s look at the different edits you can make to a voice recording. These can include everything from changing the file name to re-recording sections of the audio.

iphone audio app

That’s why we combed through the Internet in search of the best voice recorder apps for iPhones you can use in different contexts. The Rev’s Voice Recorder app is more than just a simple voice recorder for the iPhone.

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Sign up for our Weekly Apple Brief for the latest news, reviews, tips, and more delivered right to your inbox. Need to capture exactly what’s on your screen? Apple’s built-in Screen Recording tool can help you create a video of your screen activity or grab a screenshot. Using your finger, drag the trim slider from either end of the recording to trim off the beginning or the end. The iMessage service works only on Apple devices. Therefore, it can be used only if you have a Mac OS X computer in addition to the iPhone.

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iphone audio app

Editing on your phone can be fiddly, and often difficult, but EditPoint is a great way to review your audio on-the-go, and create a production to-do list. If you record lengthy interviews you need to comb through for edits, then you’ll definitely want to be using this. Lexis Audio Editor is simple to use for both recording and editing. It has multiple built-in effects, including normalization, noise reduction, compression, reverb and fades. Editing is intuitive and zooming allows for very precise deletions and trims.

iphone audio app

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This is especially helpful, considering many voice recording apps are paid. Your recordings and screen grabs will be saved to your Photos library by default. From the app, you can tap a recording and tap Play to view it. From here, you can also scrub through the video, mute the sound, share it, or delete it. When you’re done with your video, there’s no need to return to the Control Center. Tap the red icon at the top of the screen and tap Stop when asked if you want to stop the screen recording.

What this means is whatever you devise has the appearance of colorful creatures swimming in a Petri dish. Each synth comes with a slew of presets, but you can fiddle with dials and levers to make your own, which can be saved for later use. For newcomers, there are smart instruments that automate chords and riffs, and a grid pad for triggering samples and loops. Gain in confidence and you can plug in a guitar and use GarageBand’s excellent range of amps, experiment with the timeline, and create drum patterns in the Beat Sequencer.

The app supports multiple sound quality options and input channel modes . Once your voice is recorded, you can upload your audio files to any supported cloud storage or save them to your Mac via iTunes.

  • Tap the red button again when you want to stop, then click “Done” to save the edits.
  • This is because it can record sounds up to 100 meters away!
  • Here are all the best ways to record streaming audio online.

iphone audio app