Importing audio files to the iPhone app

iphone audio app

You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the pause button. To stop the recording, click on the stop button.

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How to record audio on your iPhone and quickly edit or export your recordings

Besides, you can easily trim or cut your recordings locally on the app. Like REKK, Voice Recorder supports 4 formats and lets you share your voice notes with a few taps. The app also allows scheduling voice recording in advance. A convenient player lets you stop, pause and change speed.

For keeping all of your music perfectly organized, Stezza Music Player could be a fine option. This app ismore geared towards offering a simplified experiencethanks to an intuitive interface coupled with easy-to-use tools. Beyond simplicity, Stezza is also quite good at customization.

Replace sections of a recording

Tap Replace to start recording new audio, which will show up in red. Play a list of sounds in sequence by tapping the “GO” button.

  • It’s also really easy to delete all of the photos on your iPhone—without losing them.

iphone audio app

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How can I record a phone conversation without the other person knowing?

If you have an Android phone, the Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato is one of the best apps available in the Google Play Store for recording phone calls. Once installed, the app automatically records all outgoing and incoming phone calls without alerting the person you're recording.

Once you’re in the recording session, you’ll have the ability to invite guests and audience members to the recording and remove them if you need them. Except people in from the waiting room start and end the recording, see the status of the upload. You can keep an eye on how long you’ve been recording. Riverside will start uploading the recording as soon as. At the end of the recording, you’ll want to leave the app open until your upload is complete.

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Play ad-libbed sounds with the always-ready “Hit” buttons. You can use your iPhone’s built-in share-screen to import or export to and from the mobile app.

For example, if you made a voice recording of an interview, it would be disastrous to lose any parts of the audio due to editing. While the Photos app lets you easily revert edited photos to their original state, the Voice Memos app doesn’t offer this for audio. If you wanta multifarious music player with a clean interface, then Foobar is one of the most flexible iPhone music player apps. Being completely free, Foobar deserves to be rated among the best iPad and iPhone music player apps.

iphone audio app

iphone audio app