Traveling While Reading? Here Are the Best Audio Book Apps to Try

mobile audio books app

It was established to create a fun reading experience for users by offering free books. There are audiobook apps that offer free, full-length audiobooks for streaming or downloading. The apps have plenty of audio material in different genres. The app has a few cool features that help gamify the listening experience. You can keep track of how many hours you’ve listened to your audiobooks.

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Loyal Books

But while there are no credits, subscriptions, or premium catalogs, Google Play offers a small library of free audiobooks that are auto-narrated by Google technology. These titles are works from the public domain like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It’s a nice touch, and it will be interesting to see where Google takes the auto-narration technology. You can also use the app to borrow ebooks and magazines that your library has online.

Does Libby have a monthly limit?

You can borrow and download up to ten ebooks, ten audiobooks and ten magazines; they are loaned for up to three weeks.

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Best Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone

Because there are times when I need to lean into technology for reading, like when I’m traveling. Hey, just because I ALWAYS check my bag doesn’t mean it’s heavy. Packing a few paper books can make it heavy, though, so I use an audiobook app when I travel. Listen to your entire library on your iPhone or Android device. Christianaudio has become the online leader for quality, Christian audio content! Now, christianaudio is providing mobile apps to allow you to easily listen to your library right from your mobile device. Here’s a list of sites where you can get free audiobooks—mostly works in the public domain—to download to your device or listen on your web browser.

mobile audio books app

These apps are equipped with features that allow you to customize the process of listening to an audiobook while commuting, at bedtime, or doing daily chores. My only advice is to check the book’s price before you use a credit on it. As I said before, a credit is good for any price book, but that also goes for inexpensive books. So get ready to relax with a good book right after you’ve taken one of these best audiobooks apps out for a spin. If we missed any great audiobook apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments.

There are ads in the free version, though, and you can pay to get rid of them if you really want to. You can listen to books almost all the time like while driving or working. These give audiobooks advantages over regular reading and that’s why audiobooks are popular. There are a variety of platforms, apps, and services to choose from as well and many large ebook platforms include audiobook support natively now. The industry has really solidified over the last few years.

Audiobook apps have transformed many people who don’t have time to read into voracious readers. They allow you to read while driving, exercising, cooking, and more. However, since all these apps are free, there’s no reason why you can’t use them all. Second, Libby treats its audiobooks just like any other library item with borrows, holds, and renews.

Find the best audiobook app that suits your needs because it will most likely be compatible with Android gadgets. One of Kobo’s drawbacks is that it’s not compatible with many devices. Apart from offering audiobooks, Kobo also sells e-readers, but, unfortunately, you can’t play audiobooks on them. Downloading a Google Play app is free, but you need to purchase audiobooks separately.

Who is the most popular audiobook reader?

  • Jim Dale.
  • Julia Whelan.
  • Frank Muller.
  • Finty Wiliams.
  • Jeremy Irons.
  • Alan Cumming.
  • Stephen Fry.
  • Conclusion.

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mobile audio books app