The best audiobook apps for Android

mobile audio books app

Libby offers a pleasant, intuitive interface with an audiobook player that resembles Audible’s. You can increase or decrease playback speed, set a sleep timer, skip a few seconds backward or forward, place a bookmark, and view chapters. Also like Audible, you can download books for offline listening. Another of the best audiobook apps for DRM-free titles on Android is Listen Audiobook Player, formerly known as Akimbo. LibriVox Audio Books is a small, but decent audiobook platform. Admittedly, it’s not the biggest collection, but the fact that they’re all free makes it a great place to score some cheap entertainment. You can search around, find the books you want, and download them for offline use.

Is Audible no longer free?

There is a free trial available for most new memberships: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus also offer a 30-day free trial, available to most new members. When your trial is over, you'll be automatically charged a monthly subscription fee.

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It is also compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems to accommodate more users. It is vital to know that Libby is owned by Overdrive, offers access to the same titles, and has a rating of 4.7 on average. The Libby book reading app is supposedly the simplest way to start with OverDrive. Still, suppose you have a device that isn’t compatible with Libby. In that case, you can use the free audiobooks app for a comparable experience. The app provides users with a generous 30-day free trial before asking for a $1.99 unlock. For iOS and Android mobile development, these free audiobooks app lets you live stream audiobooks or download them for offline listening.

mobile audio books app

Much like Hoopla, Libby lets you borrow from your local library. The signup process is easy and you might even be able to sign up for a library card in the process through a zip code and phone number search. The audiobook player has a sleep timer, bookmarks, and the ability to adjust the playback speed. You can listen to Libby audiobooks on iOS and Android devices. Apart from that, users can listen to audiobooks through any popular web browser, both on mobile phones and computers.

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mobile audio books app

But if the user does like the offered service, he’ll have to choose one of the paid tariffs. When a writer finishes work on a book, his or her agent sells the rights to convert it into an audio format to a professional studio.

mobile audio books app

The settings are customizable, so users can adjust playback speed, skip chapters, etc. It’s easy to deactivate or reactivate an account and restore deleted audiobooks. Audible has one of the largest libraries , and you can listen to podcasts and guides, as well. New titles are added every week, and it’s the best audiobooks app for listening to audiobooks in non-English languages, such as Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Spanish. In this blog, we have noted the top 10 free audiobook apps or reading apps that you must enhance your taste in audiobooks. So, read the entire blog until the very end to know more. Building an app for audiobooks, it’s also important to create features targeted at the admins of your platform.

There are around 5 million books and audiobooks in its library. Even if most audiobooks in Kobo’s catalog have an ebook version, they’re sold separately. Kobo also offers free content and one free audiobook with your first subscription. is the best choice for people who don’t listen to more than a few audiobooks each month, as they can get them for free. Also, its audiobook clubs are excellent for people who want to explore their favorite genre and find new titles.

mobile audio books app

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  • Browse hoopla’s most popular audiobooks, or dig through hoopla’s trending audiobooks page, if you’re not sure where to start.
  • Its compatibility with many devices makes it one of the top free audiobook apps.

You are able to access the latest bestseller during the commute or a long drive, listen to the audio books when you’re eating or exercising and so on. Where can you find a free audio books app for iPhone/iPad and Android device? You can read this article that lists free audio books apps according to your need.

mobile audio books app

mobile audio books app