Top 10 Reading Apps or Free Audio Books in 2022

mobile audio books app

When you like comics and manga, Google Play Books is the place to go. In addition to comics, there are also the standard ebooks and audiobooks to keep you plugged into the latest titles.

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  • Google Play Books offers millions of books and audiobooks.

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Audiobooks com: Books & More

Also, you have an option to download standard or high-quality audio files. ◆ Offer playback speeds, bookmark support, and a sleep timer. This can be achieved through streaming, where you needn’t compromise on deleting apps for more space storage!

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of the Best Places To Find Free Audiobooks

Another good business model of audiobook apps is the provision of paid content . The topic is too burning, so we’ll discuss it below, in the relevant section of our article. The user starts with a free 30-day trial to have a chance to enjoy the key features and benefits of Audible. He is entitled to download one book and about 2 Audible Originals.

mobile audio books app

mobile audio books app

Lea mas sobre versos biblicos aqui. has been going since 2012, is based in Canada, and is run by «a bunch of book and tech nerds,» according to its website. If you are willing, you can register to become a narrator and possibly have it listed in their free audiobook library. This is a good way to repay them and the other volunteers for offering this many audiobooks for free. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry, as almost every app has this feature. If you care about keeping older ones, you should pick an app with vast storage or the one that lets you keep them even after you cancel the subscription. You can download any audiobook you purchase and listen to it without the internet connection, regardless of Kindle audiobook format.

mobile audio books app

The books will be removed automatically when you’re done listening. You also have a limit on how many books you’ll check out at a time. They have almost 60,000 audiobook titles, which you can filter to narrow results by language, date, user rating, format, and more. Click on titles for detailed information, then tap the borrow function to stream or download the book. The app allows users to post favorite notes, quotes, and thoughts to social media platforms.

The free audiobooks have titles such as Star Trek, Art of War, Black Thursday, etc. It also features audio materials for kids, such as Peter Pan, Snow White, and more. AudioMate allows you to download content for offline use or stream the audiobooks. It has thousands of free audiobooks which you can download in different languages. Book categories include technology, music, education, business, and more. It has over 150,000 audiobooks, and 1,000 of them are free.

Let’s use our love of books to collectively build brilliant, creative futures for ourselves and our world. It’s best if you have more than one way to contact customer support. If you can only contact it by submitting a request, you will need at least a day or two to solve a problem.

Is Audible no longer free?

There is a free trial available for most new memberships: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus also offer a 30-day free trial, available to most new members. When your trial is over, you'll be automatically charged a monthly subscription fee.

mobile audio books app