17 Best Free Audio Book Apps Without Subscription 2022

mobile audio books app

Once you’ve found a title you’d like to listen to, you’ll be redirected to another site that offers the file for free. Below, you’ll find detailed information on 11 different sites where you can legally stream and/or download free audiobooks. The fact that each app has a distinct set of free audiobooks to download or stream makes it even more exciting to explore. It contains more than 250,000 audiobooks and 10,000 of them free. You can filter your search by genre to find the audio content you need. Genres include history, health & wellness, mystery, fiction, and politics, among others.

  • These apps are equipped with features that allow you to customize the process of listening to an audiobook while commuting, at bedtime, or doing daily chores.
  • The app essentially works as an extension of your local library, meaning that you don’t necessarily have unlimited access to the content on it.

If you’re on an Android, head over to Smart Audiobook App (free first month, then $2 for full version). Libro.fm is for the audiobook reader who wants to support their independent bookstore. For $14.99 a month (with a $0.99 first month!) get one audiobook—and keep it. Find your indie bookstore, fill up your shopping cart with great audiobooks, and your store profits. For $12.99 a month, you get one credit , and can have access to the book for up to 60 days.

Best audiobook apps for Android and iOS in 2022

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mobile audio books app

It is possible to connect cards of several libraries, access sample audiobooks, and hold the books you want. Libro benefits small businesses by splitting the audiobook cost between the independent bookseller and the publisher.

Traveling While Reading? Here Are the Best Audio Book Apps to Try

Audiobook apps are practical because they enable you to use your time better and make activities like commuting or running errands fun. Check best iPhone apps and iPhone app troubleshooting tips. It has always been a track-record with kids’ perspective, of books equating with boredom in reputation, especially when they are introduced.

mobile audio books app

mobile audio books app

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Others, you can simply download the app, choose your preferred audiobook and start listening straight away! Pricing can’t tell you much about audiobook app’s quality, especially those with a pay-per-book option. If you want to save money, consider choosing a cheaper app, but check if it provides all the required features.

Consider this when planning your audiobook app development process. Users especially appreciate online audiobook services, which allow them to listen to files in the background. It’s about situations when one is able to write a message or interact with a smartphone in another way and listen to an audiobook at the same time.

Spotify is a free audiobook app that is also referred to as an audiobook app worldwide. The best thing about Spotify is its free audiobook app collections are available without a paid subscription. You can also convert to its premium subscription, which offers a 30-day free trial, for an ad-free experience. Biographies, popular fiction and non-fiction, children’s stories, science fiction, and fantasy are all included in its book collection.

mobile audio books app

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mobile audio books app

mobile audio books app