18 Of The Best Audiobook Apps, Subscriptions, Freebies, and More

mobile audio books app

This way, you can continue on your laptop or phone, what you may have left on your browser. Additionally, this app can be connected to the CarPlay and one can listen to his favorite audiobook on the go. It’s not a place to buy audiobooks – but it is a place to get hooked on Sci-fi and Fantasy stories that are released, episodically, every week. Or – you have the option of buying the whole “season” and binging reading a la Netflix. Downpour works on Android or iOS devices and if you go the rental route, it looks like you can access those without a subscription.

  • Listeners can enjoy shorter, episodic content through Realm, which offers bite-sized chunks of novels that are perfect for your commute or breaktime.
  • You can also listen from a browser, but that only gives you the ability to play and pause.

But, if you love the classics and don’t want to pay for audiobooks, LibriVox is a fantastic Audible alternative. So, in this article we’ll take a brief look at six of these free to near-free audiobook apps. Available for free on Android as well as iOS devices, you will find audiobooks of different genres, along with ebooks, textbooks, and comic books, which is an added advantage. An audiobook app is an app that you download to your phone or tablet, allowing you to read an ebook or hear an audiobook in a specialized format. But before you press Play on that bestseller, you might want to first read up on choosing an app for your audiobooks. There are a lot of options out there and you might find that some are better suited to your needs and budget. Audiobooks.com is not as well known as Audible but it’s a comprehensive audiobook platform that offers a nicely designed website, and decent iOS and Android apps.

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Libby allows users to access thousands of audiobooks, including new releases, for absolutely no charge. The app essentially works as an extension of your local library, meaning that you don’t necessarily have unlimited access to the content on it. Instead, you need to check out and reserve books as you would in a physical library. After you find a title you’re interested in, you can click on it for more information. You’ll see the original author, a summary of the text, related links, a streaming widget, available audiobook downloads and available e-book downloads.

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The premium version adds some extra features such as an equalizer, but the free version works quite well in a pinch. The apps are simple and make it easy to see what titles you have downloaded. The audiobooks themselves sync across all your devices, including in the car with CarPlay. Anyone who uses the Google Play Books iOS app can enjoy integration with Siri; you can use Siri Shortcuts, such as «Hey Siri, play my audiobook.» You can browse through the thousands of book titles available, and search for, and listen to, podcasts instantly. Audiobooks.com’s patent-pending syncing technology means you can start a book on your smartphone, carry on reading it on your laptop, and then read it at home on a tablet.

mobile audio books app

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mobile audio books app

Extra features include a custom bookmarking feature that can automatically remember where you last stopped, playback speed controls, and AirPlay support. The free trial lasts for 60 days and allows you to import three audiobooks. Bookmobile is a well-regarded iOS Audiobook player for those looking to play DRM-free audiobooks.

mobile audio books app

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Some of the genres featured include mystery, fiction, education, non-fiction, biographies, myths, kids’ stories, etc. Follow us for book news and announcements, and to share your love of reading.

What is the best app to listen to books for free?

1. Spotibooks. Spotify offers free music and audiobooks for all. This Sweden-based platform has audiobooks to download from your PC, iOS, and Android devices.

OverDrive users can borrow titles from the library’s collection 24/7, and users can create holds, wishlists and effortlessly return ebooks and audiobooks. Cross-device syncing of titles and bookmarks allow you the flexibility to listen to an audiobook on the device of your choice. Google Play Books also builds in audiobook features, allowing you to listen to your purchased audiobooks across platforms and devices. That enables listeners to pick up where they left off on their Android device, iPhone, or desktop PC. Audiobook controls allow you to skip ahead or scroll along the timeline, jump to chapters, and configure playback speed and a snooze timer. The Audio Books app includes variable playback speed, automatic bookmarking and a sleep timer, among other features.

mobile audio books app