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mobile audio books app

The free app is available for Android and iOS and offers the option to either stream the audiobook titles or download them on your device for offline listening. Then there is a flexible subscription plan to choose from after the initial 30-day free trial period is over. The mobile audiobook app, which is well known as the Libby book reading app, offers something unique compared to the other leaders in the sector. The software has no paid features and is entirely free to use.

mobile audio books app

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These are public domain books, so you might not see anything here that differs from the other public domain audiobook websites we’ve already mentioned. The Internet Archive also has a ton of free audiobook downloads that you can browse through by subject, keywords, or using the search box. The reason the app is named Serial Box is that you get to savor an audiobook in small chunks instead of the entirety at one go.

mobile audio books app

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Downpour is a paid subscription app that’s a lot like Audible but for $12.99/month. You get one credit per month and you buy the audiobooks in exchange for a credit. And it costs much less while not taking up digital space. For Android users, you can buy audiobooks directly from the app but iOS users need to log into the site to purchase before downloading on the app to listen. Nook Audiobooks is an app available for Android and iPhone/Apple devices. This is the Barnes & Noble ebook/audiobook app and there is no subscription fee.

mobile audio books app

mobile audio books app

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  • From this page, you can click on the link to your library’s website to borrow the title or request a digital version.
  • So, this is a good service for people who don’t want to keep track of all of that or listen to audiobooks so rarely that subscribing doesn’t make financial sense.
  • Some of the genres featured include mystery, fiction, education, non-fiction, biographies, myths, kids’ stories, etc.

We believe in simplicity, clean, customizable and user-friendly interface with quality code. The material you consume from these apps may become your ultimate ticket to a brighter and more enlightened future.

Overdrive is another source of audiobooks and ebooks from your public library. You can search for books on their site and then access them via your library. Search for your library on the Overdrive site and use your library card. Or, use the new app Overdrive now offers to make the process mobile – Libby.

That’s a perfect option for people who don’t need its services often and want to buy audiobooks separately. Google Play Books offers millions of books and audiobooks. Before making a purchase, you can listen to a short sample of an audiobook.

And this trend is confirmed by statistics, according to which every fifth US resident enjoys them on a permanent basis. They say that today people read less than they used to, but this isn’t entirely true. Actually, we just don’t have much time to enjoy a good book. We hope you have found the best answer to your question, what is the best audiobook app for Android? For more insights on the Audiobook apps, feedback, or if want to get your app reviewed, you can get in touch with MobileAppDaily. Chirp is another free app that doesn’t offer a subscription service – a ‘pay-as-you-go’ that looks easy and affordable. You can access bestsellers on this app and website, but you can also hop on their limited-time deals.

mobile audio books app