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phone audio app android

Now you get access to the MIDI sequencing and virtual instrument side. You get a lot more effects, EQ and dynamics processing. You get support for external USB audio interfaces and even some auto-tune for your vocals. By all means, give it a try with the free version but you’ll want to unlock everything to find its full potential. The range of synths inside Caustic is what gives it an edge, plus the effects to add some movement to your tracks. It may not have the comprehensive sequencing of some other apps and it doesn’t support audio recording, but as a little synthesizer workstation, it’s hard to beat. The demo is free to use but you can’t save, export or import.

phone audio app android

It also can record in the background, and the only limit to how much you can record is the amount of storage you have available. Software developers have come up with different approaches to creating audio transcriptions. For example, Rev Voice Recorder is an app that allows you to record voice memos, and send them off to a real human to transcribe the audio for you—all for a small fee.

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The app offers a bunch of interesting features, including transcription and visualizing sounds. It’s worth noting that the transcription process takes place internally rather than online with a constant internet connection. So, you will be able to use the feature even without the internet. While the app has a lot to like, it has a few downsides. For instance, the app works on select Pixel devices, and the codec support is limited as well. Neutron Audio Recorder is from the developers of Neutron Music Player, one of the best music players available.

phone audio app android

However, this version only can record up to 10 minutes. As an easy-to-use voice recorder that lets you record audio in a variety of formats, ASR Voice Recorder allows you to record music or other audio through a Bluetooth microphone. It supports high-quality audio and offers easy cloud upload integration with popular cloud service providers like Google Drive and Dropbox. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor in its free version is a basic voice recorder with as much storage as your device allows. One thing that sets this app apart is that you can keep your recordings secure with a passcode. The premium version offers transcription using speech-to-text technology; you can test the feature for free.

Other Voice Recording Android Apps

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phone audio app android

phone audio app android

Some voice recording apps might not be the best quality or have problems that affect the quality of your voice recording. Even if you have a great voice recording app, you might not be able to record great audio recordings. Sometimes the distance from the speaker will affect quality. Many other facts can negatively affect your audio recording’s quality. The Recorder app goes above and beyond merely transcribing people’s speech, with the ability to recognize other sounds such as music, applauding, and even animal noises.

  • Due to the association of Mac computers with creative people like musicians, you might think that iOS is the only mobile platform suitable for music recording.
  • Simpler hi-fi sounds better, is easier to use and ultimately more rewarding to live with.

There are some Android devices that come with a built-in voice recorder. However, you can also install a voice recorder that can provide you with better quality and features than your pre-installed recorder. As the name suggests, Dolby On comes with a Dolby audio technology. The quality of the recorded audio is enhanced due to Dolby digital. I can surely say that it has the best user interface among the apps listed on the list. Not only audio, but it also allows you to record your videos and do a live stream on Twitch as well. There is an edit mode where you can edit remove unwanted sections and trim the recorded audio.

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People who want simple radio listening options will be delighted by iHeart Radio’s offerings. The service lets you explore local radio, radio from across the country, and even curated listening, without the need for a monthly or annual subscription. YouTube is known for its video, and the brand’s music division leverages that library. Easy Voice Recorder Pro might get its easy rep from the tiny widget that acts as a one-tap record button. You can record in PCM, MP3, or AAC format and upload recordings to iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive.

phone audio app android

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Where is the voice recorder on my phone?

Swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen to open the app drawer. Tap on the Recorder app to open it. When you first open the Recorder app, it will ask your permission to allow the app to record audio. You can allow Recorder to record audio at that particular time or whenever you use the app.

phone audio app android