6 Best Free Audio Recording Apps For Android

phone audio app android

It’s easy to save a recording in Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud Drive, andGoogle Drive. For those who use Rev’s transcription services, the best feature is that you simply press the Transcribe button to submit your file. However, some devices have some special sauce that gives audio files some extra quality. In addition, OEM-specific recording apps are guaranteed to work with all of the microphones on a phone, something you may not see in a third-party solution. We recommend at least trying the default recording app on your phone if you have one.

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Audio Evolution Mobile

It is a complete music maker that also lets you edit and remix your music. With a 12-track mixer, a guitar tuner, a looper, and lots of audio samples, it’s great for band and musician setups.

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Way 1 Bluetooth Streaming

So, if you need an audio recorder that can provide you with better quality and features then you can install any of the apps that I have listed. Every app on the list comes with unique features hence, you can prefer any of them according to your needs. Parrot Voice Recorder is another voice recorder with great voice recording capabilities. The app provides different recording formats with quality options as well. You can set the gain level that could boost your audio recording. The UI is also quite clean with a greenish background that looks great.

phone audio app android

phone audio app android

Also, you won’t have to deal with ads like you do with the free version. If these things appeal to you, you should consider buying the pro version instead of settling for the free app. While the built-in voice recording app might work wonderfully for some, others might be interesting in a recording app with more capabilities. You can easily find a variety of voice recording apps compatible with your Android phone by going to the Google Play Store. This is a common issue, as most recording apps default to your phone mic, even when you’re connected and you select your Bluetooth headphones as the input. Rev Voice—the paid version—offers the feature and it works. This is definitely more of an Android bug, especially if you’re using an iPhone with AirPods, which is more integrated.

phone audio app android

It’s a surprisingly strong offering for its price tag. Screencapture.com offers users an online screen recorder that can record microphone, sound, and webcam. It also supports adding or removing watermark to or from the recorded videos. The online version is excellent for working solely on capturing. However, if you need to do more for your recordings, such as editing the video, you’ll need to download the software.

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If you are having trouble logging in to your Samsung account, just follow this guide for an easy fix. You’ll see a Save Recording prompt asking you to save your current audio recording. Here, tap the text field and type a name for the audio file. Optionally, tap the “Category” drop-down menu and choose a category for your file. It is one of the best apps to record phone calls Android that offers support for stereo and mono recording. Call recorder is a recording tool that helps you to record your incoming and outgoing calls.

Microsoft has yet to talk about this ability, but the Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia recently showcased a screenshot of how it will work. You’ll see the suggestion to change the device you’d like to stream your audio from in Phone Link’s settings.

phone audio app android