Best 10 Sound Boosters for Android and iOS

phone sound app android

You can get a small Bluetooth speaker that clips to your backpack or belt loop and you can carry with you everywhere you go. The JBL Clip 3 is a great example because it can last up to 10 hours on a charge and works great with all modern Android devices. Even though Volume Booster Pro was last updated in 2019, the app still works great on all devices running Android 4.4 and newer. By default, the Android operating system gives you only 15 volume steps. Precise Volume ensures that your audio will never be too loud or too quiet by giving you 100 volume steps to choose from . Its easy-to-remember name isn’t the only reason why Volume Booster by GOODEV is one of our favorite apps of this kind.

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Make Your Android Device Sound Great Again

Spotify offers graphical EQ controls while Apple Music only provides you with a list of presets. If the other recommend apps above seem intimidatingly complex, fear not. Equalizer FX Pro nails the simple approach and costs just $1.99 USD. It’s more detailed than the EQ that comes with many headphone manufacturers’ apps without becoming too much to handle.

Many popular streaming services provide a lower quality of audio as a trade-off for smaller file sizes and faster loading time. This can also save users’ money if they’re using their data to download or play a file.

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phone sound app android

phone sound app android

This app currently has 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store. The app is free, but there are ads, and some features cost money to use. Move the slider under Boost to adjust the amplification of quiet sounds. The app will direct you to Settings to enable permission to access the microphone. If you choose Phone mic, select if you want to allow Sound Amplifier to record audio or not. Open the Sound Amplifier app and select “Add to app list” if you want it to be accessible from the home screen OR… Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

phone sound app android

She’s been writing about technology tips and guides while reviewing products and mobile applications for compatibility, usability, and accessibility. Cheryl loves listening to music while going on walks or exploring new places. Precise Volume is a free equalizer/booster duo accessible on the Play Store that can help you make the better audio output of your Android device noticeably. Precise Volume offers you extra control over the audio source with a five-band equalizer, some preset equalizer modes without any payments. And a boost function that allows you to increase the bass, insert a noise cancellation effect to the audio, and, most notably, enhance the total average loudness. Here are some of the best sound booster apps that may help you increase the sound levels for Android and iOS; they are specially planned to make your experiences great.

  • This means that the apps work fine and at full speed when the user is actively interacting with them, but that after a while, they _might_ be forcefully slowed down.

Increase your playing possibilities for your music in your smartphone with this complete and amazing app. The app is designed to work with Android devices and provide you with a better user experience.

What is the #1 audio equalizer app for Android?

1. Equalizer FX. Equalizer FX is one of the simplest but most popular Android equalizer apps in the market today. It features a clean user interface that has three main sections: Equalizer, Effects, and Profile.

On that note, another feature to keep an eye out for would be actual numbers indicating what you’re adjusting. For instance, many guides may instruct you to adjust, say, 2kHz upwards to emphasize guitar strings. So, you’ll want an app that labels sliders accordingly.

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phone sound app android

phone sound app android