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Whether it’s curating the perfect playlist, putting your faith in the streaming algorithm, or catching up on a podcast, your Android phone can serve all your on-the-go audio needs. Obviously, it’s not going to work miracles , but it’s arguably the best way to amplify your phone speaker volume without distorting it – like many volume booster apps tend to. However, the app developer recommends moderation while using the app as it may damage your hearing or speakers when used for a prolonged amount of time. Volume Booster GOODEV is one of the top-class apps on our list, is a full-featured volume booster. The app has a fixed boost knob that enables you to boost volume by close to 60% – 70% by default, with the feature to go even higher from the configurations. The Volume Booster GOODEV app, like the Volume Booster app at the highest level, has a permissible boost level and an increase in boot function. The app’s setup is practiced to let you listen to the improved audio for free.

We’ve done the work and picked the best and funniest voice-changing apps out there. You can download any number of third-party audio recording apps from the Google Play Store, and many offer more advanced features than the native app that came with your phone. All the apps were downloaded from the respective app stores of Android and iOS and installed onto an unrooted device. For apps that required sound tests, such as Neutralizer, we followed the on-screen instructions and used the profile that was created by the app. For apps that allowed direct manipulation of sliders, we adjusted them to ensure they actually altered the way content sounded. The app has a lot of options, but it’s cluttered, and definitely comes with a learning curve.

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Even though smartphones have gotten more comprehensive in recent years, manufacturers don’t appear to be paying enough attention to speakers or full audio quality in particular. The bulk of smartphones these days have poor speakers and poor sound quality via the headphone jack. That’s when the sound booster for both Android and iPhone does wonder. Sound Sleep is another developer on Google Play with a variety of decent sound apps.

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An app for creating personalized sound profiles

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phone sound app android

phone sound app android

Please use this linkexternal icon to Apple’s iTunes to download the app or search iTunes for NIOSH SLM. Provides the most relevant metrics found in professional sound instruments today.

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Like it says in the name, the audio recordings taken by this app are stored as mp3 files. A final perk of this app is that it will automatically save your audio recordings to your dropbox or google drive. However, this version only can record up to 10 minutes. Is the sound coming out of your Android device tiny and unintelligible no matter how many times you press the volume up button? Then you need one of the volume booster apps recommended in this article to increase it. You might think that pushing your speakers beyond what they are supposed to do might damage them? Volume boosters are safe, especially for the sound booster apps mentioned above.

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Which app has better audio quality?

As mentioned, Tidal offers the highest audio quality of all other music apps on this list. There are a total of 4 audio quality settings to enjoy: Normal: 96 kbps. High: 320 kbps.

You can choose between eight or 16 bands to adjust, which is good for both beginners and advanced users alike. The app works with popular streaming apps, too, including iTunes, Spotify, and TIDAL. Plus, you can equalize content played locally or from iCloud Music, Dropbox, and Google Drive. If you have media scattered all over the place, this feature could be incredibly useful. Nonetheless, we studied the users who who were experiencing stutters and discovered that all of these users were using Samsung devices. Many users never see these issues, but enough do that dozens of community discussions are easy to find online.

phone sound app android

phone sound app android