7 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

phone sound app android

While Samsung treats this as a feature that surely pleases many users, this software step becomes an extra load being applied to to the CPU when audio is playing. The extra demand on the CPU can starve the source music app and can result in stuttering. Yes, the Android volume booster apps recommended in this article are all safe, but you need to use them responsibly. Some speakers and headphones can be damaged by boosting the volume too much. That’s why you always lower your volume if you hear distorted audio.

What is the #1 audio equalizer app for Android?

1. Equalizer FX. Equalizer FX is one of the simplest but most popular Android equalizer apps in the market today. It features a clean user interface that has three main sections: Equalizer, Effects, and Profile.

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How To Record Audio On An Android Phone

Changing notification sounds and using custom tones for frequently-used apps is a great way to simplify alerts and personalize your notifications while keeping distractions at bay. Navigate to the Sound settings and you’ll now be able to see the music file added to the list.

phone sound app android

I still use it, even with better quality speakers on this phone. I agree that it is easy to use and has a lot of preset features. Volume Booster GOODEV is a utility application developed to help you boost the sound volume of either your speaker or headphone from 20% to 30% more. Try testing the speakers at the end of the video, and if you still think they sound muffled, play the video another time.

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phone sound app android

phone sound app android

The developers promise that the app should work well with most audio players, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Android devices are not always as loud as we would like them to be. Fortunately, the maximum volume of any device can be increased using the volume booster apps described in this article. Such apps are easy to use, and they don’t even require root permissions, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your device. Just like its desktop counterpart, VLC for Android has a built-in equalizer with the ability to increase the volume beyond 100%.

phone sound app android

In an effort to improve the battery life on their devices, Samsung applies an aggressive battery management policy. Hardware resources like its CPU take a lot of power, and the more power being used, the more quickly the battery gets depleted. To help with this, Samsung can opt to throttle long-running apps so that they use less power. This means that the apps work fine and at full speed when the user is actively interacting with them, but that after a while, they _might_ be forcefully slowed down. When this happens to a music app, it can result in stuttering.

  • Of the apps mentioned earlier, Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder and Easy Voice Recorder Pro will automatically save your recordings to Google Drive or Dropbox if your device supports it.
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  • It’s simple to adjust the volume of your mobile phone.

If that wasn’t enough you can even find and add other playback apps, but you might have to enable some extra permissions to do so. Poweramp will also tell you technical details about the content you’re playing, so audiophiles can rest assured they’re getting the numbers they want. Poweramp Equalizer gets recommended across the internet as the EQ app of choice, and it lives up to its reputation. You’ll get plenty of ways to customize your sound playback and create a truly unique audio profile. High-quality audio streams are commonplace, but hi-res downloads are decidedly less so. Qobuz is the streaming service to beat when it comes to purchasing and owning hi-res audio tracks, which makes this slick Android music app an enticing choice.

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That includes niche things like white noise, binaural audio, and other stuff. The $12.99 per month subscription removes ads, adds background play , and offline downloads. Fix My Speaker helps fix your smartphone speaker by playing ultra low 165Hz high frequency water removal sound. A smart way to eject water and dust out of your iPhone or Android phone speakers.

phone sound app android

phone sound app android