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Where can I find out about the latest version?

You can sign up to join our email newsletter on our homepage or read our release notes.

What is Subsonic?

Subsonic is a web-based media streamer providing ubiquitous access to your music.

How do I get Subsonic?

Subsonic provides installers for various operating systems including Mac OS X, Windows, Debian/Ubuntu, and Red Hat/Fedora. Alternatively, you can purchase a server from one of Subsonic's hosting partners.

How do I connect to my server?

When Audiophone is first launched (or whenever you visit the settings area), you will be asked to provide your Subsonic connection information.

What is Subsonic Premium?

Subsonic Premium is required for Audiophone to function. The basic version of Subsonic is free. Subsonic Premium offers a number of additional features such as: API Access (this is what Audiophone connects to), video streaming, automatic dynamic DNS using, ad removal, podcast receiver, DLNA/UPnP device discovery, social sharing, and more. A Subsonic Premium subscription can be purchased directly from Subsonic for the $1 per month or $12 per year after the automatic thirty-day trial expires.

Why doesn't Audiophone list any Artists/Albums/Genres?

Audiophone retrieves all information about your music collection directly from Subsonic. While we take great lengths to properly display and format this information, there are times where Subsonic and/or Audiophone may have a breakdown in communication. If you encounter any issues, there are a few steps you can take to try and workaround the problem:

  1. Ensure that your music directory is properly configured within Subsonic.
  2. Re-scan your music directory and wait for the scan to fully complete. (This is especially true for genre related issues.)
  3. If you have problems with a particular directory, check that the directory's contents are readable, not corrupted, named and tagged correctly.
  4. If you are having consistent problems, please